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  1. That would be my experience (Kent / SE England). 2017/18 3-bed semi money now might possibly maybe get you a '3' bed terrace with no parking. Anything family-sized with a drive doesn't last long although there are some weak signs of market stagnation if not price falls. Really I'd suggest it's too early to say as those on both sides of the transactions still seem to think the prices are reasonable or at least acceptable.
  2. Not available everywhere but if you zoom in and right-click you should see the option for birds-eye view. Reminds me of a post on Honest John a few years ago. A night worker had an en-bloc garage and routinely found it blocked by a neighbour. The advice was to simply come home at 2am a few times and knock on his door and ask him to move it! 😁 Bear in mind this is Virgin Media we're talking about. Thanks, that looks very useful although possibly a bit out of date? A couple of areas near me have very much gentrified over the last few years yet show as fairly deprived. The cheapest houses there are currently worth around £350k although one mostly unmodified ex-granny dump has just gone STC for nearer £400k. We had two rentals on out street, one is still being rented has not had new net curtains for at least a decade and without saying too much (ongoing issues) they really don't give a toss about where they live. The other was a rental for about two years with both myself and my immediate neighbour having trouble with them. Pretty sure they were the ones who tried to vandalise my neighbours new car after he brought his work van home one day and made it difficult for them to fit all five (5) of their vehicles on the street. I like this word.
  3. I'm not sure that's true. Source. Of course if you live somewhere like Kent where KCC doesn't give a s*t then there's no problem - nothing will happen even if you routinely create a danger to other road users.
  4. A tale of two Shi**ies. 1. Found out today that the EU has mandated that all new cars sold 2023/24 must have speed limiting technology. Apparently the options are forced backpressue on the throttle peddle, haptic feedback (steering wheel vibrates like mad) and an intentionally annoying alarm. Speed is to be determined by either or both of GPS and vehicle mounted cameras, presumably because GPS is exceptionally reliable, especially at distances of <6m and when moving fast and speed sign monitoring cameras are not at all confused by the maximum vehicle speed signs on the back of caravans & lorries. Oh and if you have cruise control turned on then you're in for a real treat! 2. I'm looking at importing some stuff from Germany except thanks to "frictionless trade" I can't. As we're not in the EEA there's no "one stop shop" process for us and none of the firms I contacted wanted to deal with the hassle of collecting & remitting foreign VAT. So I have to pay a little more and get it from Sweden. Fine. But wait, there's more! Thanks in part to problems with Border Farce ignoring the fact that VAT has already been collected they don't charge any. OK, fine. Now bearing in mind that everything is made in Germany, with German parts by German workers (I suspect even the plastic & metal is made in Germany) I've been warned that Border Farce will likely still treat it as a 3rd country (non-EU) import and therefore charge import duty. OK, still cheaper than buying in the UK if only just but wait! It doesn't end there! Apparently they're likely to apply the wrong Tarric code and therefore charge around 2.5x the correct duty! I've actually had this happen to me before, even though the Country of Origin + correct code was on both the package and the invoice. And getting a refund was a major hassle.
  5. Looks to me like former owner-occupiers are driving sales as rental yields aren't exactly great. That said 3.71% is quite good compared to a saving account. And if you're that stupid actually looks like a good investment. Again, suggests people are using their existing gains + possibly furlough money and moving somewhere nicer. What could possiblu go wrong?
  6. To be fair there was an Audi parked right next to it. I'm guessing the red Picanto(?) is a sorry about your loss courtesy car.
  7. This. The problem is the question is too simple as it ignores too many important factors. Asset price appreciation can generally occur for one of two reasons: increased wealth in general or though an external factor, such as government policy. In the first instance there isn't necessarily a problem as there are no real losers in the triad (vendor-customer-society). In the latter though only the vendor is a winner with the others all losing out as a consequence.
  8. Unless of course you have a system where land ownership is effectively subsidised by the taxpayer. Not difficult to see how large swathes of residential real estate could eventually become owned by a handful of corporations, who in turn set the rental price to extract as much as possible. No quid pro quo value creation by the landlord would mean stagnating or even falling living standards. Don't worry we have the lowest pensions in Europe apparently (disputed), so there should be plenty of money available to pay for all this, even if that means raising the retirement age of future pensioners to something like 75 regardless of stagnating lifespans.
  9. I suspect this is exactly how it'll happen, in the short term at least. It'll cause Libor to to rise and therefore the rates on new mortgages. People on existing products will see what's happening, lock-in and sit happy whilst some unwinding of house prices occurs as people can no longer afford that much debt. Sad fact is the the other half of that semi was probably still appreciating in price as that was happening.
  10. Whilst I'm frankly disgusted by the Tories I'm still glad we didn't get a Corbyn government, not that it was much much of a choice (dog faeces on both sides in your sandwich or just one?). Only plus point I can see is it seems many of those who were against the AV referendum are also unhappy with the current political landscape. Well you had the chance.
  11. Ladbible? But anyway she's so embarrassed she's posed for a magazine with the product in question. Kind of makes me wonder what the absent father thinks about all this. Given that another 2 loft conversions have started on my street alone this week I don't think #2 is very likely. Or #3 given what one set of the builders look like.
  12. We had a Lithuanian girl get hired at the place I worked once. Outside of certain specific industries (commercial aviation being one) you apparently cannot discriminate against someone just because their level of spoken English is around level 5 (just about employable, 7 being fully fluent). When she got fired for repeatedly violating company policy and finishing that with a bit of theft she played the "don't understand you" card pretty much immediately. Got her an extra week or so of paid suspension and cost the company a fair bit in outside translator costs.
  13. I must be missing something here. The health service having to do more with less is at least in some part directly because of the uncompetitive PFI debts & commercial Build to Let that Liebour shafted them with. VAT doesn't factor into it but it's a point worth examining, even in passing rather than derailing the thread. And so my touch and go on your tangent proves your point? How? Good link that purchase tax. Originally about taxing luxury items (@ 33.3%) and not about taxing pretty much everything. Of course VAT supposedly still isn't charged at full rate on many 'essential' items and now just like back in the 1940's there isn't a massive bureaucracy to run this either. But like I said, taxation tends to be mainly bourne by the creators and not by asset owners, windfallers or high-end sponges and VAT is one mechanism by which that happens. Oh and whilst we're talking about the VAT & the EU, one point which doesn't seem to have been mentioned is how other non-EU companies are going to handle the situation. I know of at least one U.S. firm which sells specialist components pulling out of E.U. trade over the rule change. In fact I get the impression many foreign SME's don't fancy the extra workload of collecting foreign taxes so that's going to be interesting. But not to worry, I'm sure the E.U. can just produce everything internally.
  14. Then don't jettison VAT although do ask why it's the poorest who pay it the most (although to be fair it does seem the poorest who need the NHS the most). That's strange. I thought it's aim was to give someone's friends a secure source of considerable future profit in return for an investment in key services, the NHS in particular as this allowed the then government to keep the bill off the books, so to speak. Classic 'shaft the future' government in other words. I'll give you credit for the nice attempt at pre-emptively covering what is essentially a bad argument. Last I checked most public hospitals were now rented (= less money for other things) and I've heard of at least one hospital car park charging staff £10 per day to park there. And no, that money is not going back into the NHS. And while I don't know about the fire service I do know that MoD wastage is legendary. But getting back to VAT we could course re-arrange the tax system to favour labour over capital but I guess would just be wishful thinking.
  15. This has been on the cards for (IIRC) about 2 years now. There's been a growing worldwide push to extend countries' VAT / sales tax regimes to foreign exporters so really this has very little to do with the EU specifically. And yes it amounts to self harm, both for us for having left the EEA and the EEA countries for making things difficult although that said, I understand they're going to try to harmonise VAT EEA-wide so perhaps this will be less of a problem in future? The one-stop shop concept was supposed to make things easier, especially as you don't technically need to set up an operation within the EU (you can use a 3rd party intermediary) but we shall see. It's funny seeing people still conflating the EEA with the federal EU though.
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