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  1. I think they should be incentivised to get out - by way of stricter regulation. Also on that site is this: I keep hearing about clueless landlords placing their victims at risk, letting people in without tenant's permission, not protecting the deposit, generally being a nuance etc and this is why. Oh and even though only 5% are professional: So 47% own more than 1 property and yet most are amateurs? Do we really want to encourage this?
  2. LandOfConfusion

    Jeremy Corbyn wants two BBCs.

    I'd like to see that too but sadly it appears to be going the other way. Looks like a race to the bottom. 🙁 His image looks compressed to me. Perhaps an artefact caused by the screen, camera & their background colour choices?
  3. I think immigration from eastern Europe has in general been good. I support the carrier bag charge as really it's (sort of) a removal of a subsidy. Those bags had to be dealt with at their EoL and that often means landfill, so why should future generations have to pay to clear up our mess? I also think a lot of the EU employment & consumer protection law is quite good, certainly better than what we would have got if we were outside given the 'business first, society third' approach that all three parties seem to take. But even with all that I still voted out. To explain why let me give you an example. Back in 1941 a patent was granted for an anti-jamming technique called frequency hopping. Fast forward 60 years and the improved versions of it are why you can have a street full of WiFi devices all using the same band and yet all operating at the same time without issue. I fly RC planes and we use the same technique; I've seen videos of 150 models all in the air at the same time and yet no one had any problems. And this situation was absolutely fine until the EU got involved. They now require all transmitters & receivers to use something called LBT which, to put it simply it's a change which supposedly makes jamming even less likely but at the cost of range, price & sensitivity. And because of that last one, to some degree also safety. So now your WiFi won't be as good, firmware updates will take longer as the "international" versions which everyone else in the world uses is less complex and because of the way the EU likes to exclude citizens from changing the law, we can't do anything about it.
  4. LandOfConfusion


    Tomorrow's World. There, that if anything is an indicator of the direction in which the Beeb has been going. I once watched a program (on TV no less, but not on the Beeb) where I believe it was a producer who was asked about some of the dumb/trash TV programs which had started coming out. He told the asker "That's because they're not aimed at you.". Well great, so what is aimed at me? Seriously? I like intellectual programming, in depth science & technology and debates with people who both have a clue and differing opinions. Instead all I see is lowest common denominator rubbish, heavy restraints on detail and panel after panel of clueless talking heads all of whom more or less agree with each other. Dateline London is a great example of this. They're often all left of center (or worse) and, while I don't I don't have a grip on all the topics neither it seems do they. When I started watching I used to think "Well they're reporters so they should know what they're talking about" and I thought that right up until they started talking about economics. At that point it suddenly occurred to me that they haven't got a clue. And somehow this is "news". But now for the sport...
  5. I had a 'prompting' letter a couple of years ago which seemed to suggest I was being audited. That was a bit strange as I'm not exactly rich and my accounts straightforward. Even my brother who doesn't work and has hardly any savings thanks to mental health issues got a letter just this week re: how much money do you have. Surly they know supported living isn't exactly free? But to move on from the lower end and start targeting wealthy BTL'ers, that suggests things are getting more serious. And I can hear the screams already. 😀
  6. “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” ― G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain
  7. Well that explains this post in Funding Circle: I'm seeing quite few of these sorts of messages now. Looks to me like lenders getting scared and it's leading to some projects being sold off even before completion.
  8. Funnily enough I've been looking there. Mother has been pressuring me suggesting I move there because it wasn't too expensive, is quite nice and I already have some extended family around there. You're right though about prices. I first started looking back in 2015 and even then things were going crazy. One property was brought in IIRC 2013 for £130K and was on the market in around late 2015 for £180k... Looking at it now it seems prices have plateaued a bit but still silly for that area. And no sign either here in Chavsville or in the better areas up there of lots more property coming to market despite the 33% base rate increase.
  9. LandOfConfusion

    Wonga runs out of Wonga

    Presumably the administrator will deal with the loan book and try to pawn it off for whatever it's worth.
  10. I have thought about this and in principle it's a good idea, only thing is the last time I looked almost everything had dried up and what was still on the market was either in poor condition, a bad location or often both. That said here in the South East anything even approaching affordable tends to be either in poor condition or a bad location. Unless, of course the seller's "motivated".
  11. There's no issue with that. Under the current rules you can for this year only transfer all of your previous year's HTB / Help To Elect ISA into a LISA without impacting this year's limit. Any extra you have added to the HTB/E ISA this f'year will of course still count against this year's limit but you can top this up to £4k. And while I'm on the subject there's also one other thing that most people seem to have missed: as I understand it you will get the full 25% bonus this year in April but after that it gets amortised each month, so you need to put in the full £4k after the start of the financial year in April to get the full potential bonus on £4k's worth of savings. On the flip side though you'll earn interest on each part of the bonus they add each month, which is nice and if you do the same in April next year and then buy a house they'll skip the amortisation and just give you the full bonus up front (no need to wait a year for it to build up).
  12. Short answer: it would seem you now cannot contribute into a cash LISA before 6th April. According to the ISA rules if you are attempting to transfer an existing year's ISA contributions you must transfer 100% of those contributions (i.e. all £20k). But your situation is a little more complicated. From what I've read you can transfer part of a previous year's contributions into an ISA with no penalty except if it's into a LISA and the money isn't coming from either an existing LISA or an existing HTB ISA. In that situation any money you transfer in from a previous year's contributions will count towards this financial year's ISA contributions, which as you have already maxed it out will mean your are SOL. Now that said and bearing in mind this is not advice but some people have claimed to have 'flexed' the ISA rules a little, taken money out and then placed it into a different ISA and gotten away with it so that might be possible. But in any case don't try and do what LVM (above) has done; HMRC will notice and will most likely come after you.
  13. LandOfConfusion

    March, Ely, Peterborough, Chatteris?

    Thanks for the reply. I have some relatives who were looking at retiring to Ely so that might be a winner. It's also good to know Ely is at least fairly well connected, or at least better connected than the road-shaped car park we have around here, and the tech job market in Cambridge seems quite good so hopefully I'll get lucky.
  14. LandOfConfusion

    March, Ely, Peterborough, Chatteris?

    Incidentally this is one of the things which attracted me to Peterborough. Hard to believe someone would build such a nice place in a scumhole. Oh well.
  15. LandOfConfusion

    March, Ely, Peterborough, Chatteris?

    Interesting. Thanks! That crime map does look a bit concerning, although crime in Wisbech seems to lack the variety of some of the commuter parts of the SE. But then I guess anywhere cheap is going to attract that sort of person, so perhaps it's time I had another look at Sheppey's tourist board website?

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