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  1. The solution is to drop interest rates so that existing debt is easier to service but increase interest rates on all new loans. This has the effect of easing the existing burden, supressing new debt and giving a wider margin to banks on those that do wish to take up new debt. Everyone's a winner!
  2. I don't think we're going Argentina. Their country was raped by "western" G7 countries. However, that's not to say we won't have high unemployement during our down turn.
  3. With regard to Jim Rogers comments about the decline of the USD, are we actually witnessing the fall of the US Empire?
  4. I only eat out 6 times a month now instead of 8. It's shaved about £60 off the monthly budget.
  5. I simply watch my wife's uncle - when he gets into something I know for sure it's time to do the opposite. Some may call him unlucky but I think it's just simply not doing any homework and crunching the numbers
  6. There won't be ahrmagedon, the world won't end, we'll all get through this just like our ancestors - where's your human spirit!
  7. If you can do the job why not go for it instead of whinging!
  8. Now here's a thought - if a homeowner torches the house - what valuation is the insurance going to use? Is house insurance now over valued?
  9. "ye know too much" with an offset mortgage - best keep 'em seperate!
  10. If I were Prime Minister I would change the tax laws so that the more you earned the less tax you paid. This would encourage a more value adding society which would be great for the country. I have empoyees that "can't" do the overtime because it affects their tax credits. How preposterous!!!
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