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  1. Well I have to admit to liking the guy, I mean let's face it all this credit crunch lark has made him a houshold name and sort of character we love to see on tv. Whenever Robert comes on he makes me laugh and my two 15 year old's like him too. Even my wife often comments on why he often smiles when delivering his grim news- all in all he is a quirky figure and typical British oddball in every way lol
  2. What I want to know is that considering the magnitude of Bushes dire warnings of financial meltdown,should this bailout not be ratified....Why havn't the American public not all stampeded to the banks to get their savings out today? Or are they of the opinion that said bailout will go ahead and save the day?
  3. I was in Buenos Aires in 2002 and property was very reasonable there at that time they had big problems then. We ended up buying in Bulgaria mainly because the flight is so much shorter and much cheaper, but you are right BA is a beautiful city. I always fancied Recoleta which is where we stayed or Palermo areas.
  4. The people who want to buy our apartment are still trying to get the mortgage for our full asking price, they are negotiating with the fourth bank now. They are obviously rather keen on our apartment as it is fully furnished and has everything complete. We are here in Bulgaria for another week so hopefully we may complete the deal before returning to UK,we shall see.
  5. I read this article earlier today and just knew that it would come on here lol, I can't have any sympathy for this woman I'm afraid. Maybe she should get real like the rest of us, comprehensive school never did me or my boys any harm, so maybe she should rethink her outgoings.
  6. Hi thought I would tell you what happened this week regarding the sale of our apartment. We have had it on the market for three months now and a Bulgarian couple wanted it badly, to get to the point quickly they offered to put down 20% and some deposit in return for us letting them move in!!! Our agent did not see any thing wrong with this and tried to persuade us to go along with it, the whole thing seems too stupid for words. So we let them move in with no guarantee that they will raise the remaining 80%, we told them what they could do with this offer and now they have gone off the idea of buying. Has anyone else come across such stupid ideas as this with Bulgarians or heard of such a thing.
  7. They have all been listening to Krusty too much,lol
  8. It has been suggested that the council could buy up similar places like this and let them out to council tenants.
  9. Can anyone really have an ounce of sympathy for these people, a bit like some brits that bought in various resorts in Bulgaria and never visited the place once.
  10. I think most of this government talk is cheap, didn't the Tories come up with some rescue package for people back in the last crash? At the end of the day if people are struggling with their backs to the wall no amount of talk will save them. Why has it taken until now before Brown decides to suddenly build tens of thousands of council houses, they have had their time and opportunity going back 10 years. Too little miles too late matey and I don't think that the people will believe this either.
  11. Speaking of credit cards, is it getting harder to move the balance onto another one as a lot of people were doing with the interest free carrott? Sorry if this is going slightly off topic.
  12. Another thing to consider this time around would also be the far greater amount of personal debt like loans and credit cards to futhar burden people.
  13. Well my brother owns 4 properties in Spain and bought them five years ago, he and his wife live out there permanently and they sometimes rent a couple out. He has had all of them on the market for a least 3 years that I know of but they are going down more in value, I think they got a bit greedy when they first went there to buy and he fell for the old one putting all his money in one place.
  14. We are currently selling our apartment in Bulgaria which we own outright, problem is they are building too many. Luckily ours is in Veliko Tarnovo and this is a very lovely old town so we are not strictly in a typical summer or winter resort. We started going there 4 years ago before many people had started buying there to a large degree. Many russians and greeks are now buying apartments and the British are still buying rural houses that need doing up. When we get our money we will keep it in euros for the time being and hope that it continues to grow stronger against the sorry pound. By the way you are right Bulgaria is a beautiful country and despite this mafia nonsense is 100 times safer to walk around at night than uk.
  15. Yeah seen that as it's here in Colchester, those prats are having a laugh me thinks.
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