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  1. Wow, that's a great resource they've created, thanks for posting (although this might eat up my evening tonight).
  2. I love Property Bee! One of the best tools ever in our realm, thanks so much to the folks who put the work in & administer the DB. I too would like to contribute. Mucho Lovos ...
  3. Dream Home (2010) "A woman has dreamed of owning a flat by the harbour all her life and works two jobs to raise sufficient funds. However, her obsession with the property gradually drives her insane and as house prices rise, she takes to murdering anyone who comes between her and her fantasy residence." http://www.radiotimes.com/film/cdc69/dream-home -- What a brilliant idea, if you get gazumped just bump off your competition & the place is yours! Wish I'd thought of that before ...
  4. Well I said 55:45 for NO on Tuesday, but as I didn't have the balls to put any money on it then it doesn't really count. Funny that I'm going to bed now & I might possibly wake up in a different country. Catch ya in 7 hours
  5. I still think it'll be ~55:45 for NO. But if they do go then England needs to jettison NI & Wales in short shrift & get on with the future.
  6. I'm guessing we won't declare any wars until we've got our planes.
  7. Yeah, bloody people with money, eh? Roll on the revolution! Nice to see you posting here though, Mr. Prescott.
  8. You *are* joking, right? I bought this in 1999, when did Jobs 'invent' his iPod again? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rio_PMP300 He spent his last 15 years plagiarising, beautifying & bullying, unfortunately. On topic, I think Apple are going to discover it's the Dr. Dre link people buy Beats 'phones for, once that's gone what have you got left? Actually it'll be a perfect fit for Apple products post-Jobs ...
  9. I read the article this morning and thought: 1) He's a financial compliance officer but is incapable of properly managing his personal income. 2) £120k is considered the top end of middle income by that newspaper - absolutely ridiculous. Both points covered already but now my opinion is hosted on the interweb forever too I basically just thought the guy an absolute dick.
  10. In fact he has his own thread here: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=174481
  11. Lee Hendrie - lived near me, just google him for loads of stories on his losses. He's still richer than you or I, mind. God, he looks ill though.
  12. Blooody Hell, I'm about to go to bed, you'll give me nightmares, mate!
  13. silver Surfer - Interesting, maybe I shouldn't put it off too much then, mate Durhamborn - That's a good point, some of my hobbies are a bit expensive, but I doubt I'll do too much mountain biking or motorbiking after I'm 50. Though I'll still probably buy gadgets I have absolutely no use for (Tablets? Useless things). As the OP intimates, it's a bit of a guessing game, this!
  14. Yup, sounds as though you're thinking like me. My outgoings don't include water rates, I forgot about that one, but my car & house are new so I don't worry about those, I get phone & broadband paid for by work etc. However I look at it I can't get it to £300 (which surprises me too). The pension part you mention is in my mind too, & to be honest I do want to enjoy later life (mainly travelling) so when push comes to shove I might carry on working for a few more years. In terms of the OP, I could live on £10k p.a. today but only if I gave up all the traveling I do, and without that I would be unhappy. Of course, if I meet a lady then all of this is out the window & I'll be working until 70 at least ...
  15. This thread is getting spooky, I own my home & have £250k in the bank; I'm currently trying to work out how soon I can retire (I'm 42). My outgoings (including Council Tax & motoring, not including food or fun things) are £257 per month; my income from interest alone is £527 (though that bond expires next year) and my salary is substantial. I reckon I'll do three more years then jack it in, downsize my house & have around £400k to live on. Given the unhealthy lifestyle I lead that'll do me & if I surprise myself & reach 60 there's always Sainsbury's for pocket money. Oh, and yes, I'm single with no kids.
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