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  1. thanks for posting- drop me an email on sodonnell@bloomberg.net if you are happy to chat
  2. would you be happy to have a chat? you can email me on sodonnell@bloomberg.net
  3. what I'm really after are anecdotes.... ie not necessarily someone who was thinking of buying right now and suddenly dropped out, but also people who were renting for the time being, and were going to take advantage of a falling market a few months down the line, but are now thinking they may have to delay this even further, lehman's failure, whatever else was going wrong, being a big shock .... My own personal opinion about the housing market (as a non-home owner ) doesn't, alas, really come into it...
  4. Hello... I am a journalist for Bloomberg and was wondering whether anyone out there was thinking of buying a property and is having second thoughts after the failure of Lehman Brothers / possible impact on UK market... We would love ot hear from you
  5. hi- would your friend be willing to give Bloomberg a brief interview? another story I'm working on concerns the lack of avilability of mortgage deals. He can contact me on sodonnell@bloomberg.net
  6. just refreshing this post....
  7. will certainly do. Have already had a lot of reports of this happening from estate agents. re: email address, nothing I can do about it, alas!
  8. hi- are you a seller who has been gazundered or a buyer who has successfully gazundered someone on a London property? Then I would love to hear from you. I am a journalist for Bloomberg and am looking for stories of London buyers cutting their offers at the last minute. Please email me at sodonnell@bloomberg.net
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