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  1. A hike in energy prices is sort of a good thing. The reason the Americans drive gas guzzlers is that their petrol prices are so much cheaper than ours.
  2. Better yet, abolish TV. Give people more time to socialise, study, work and play.
  3. Microsoft moving to open-source? Tell me more - I doubt their intentions are honourable!
  4. Translates to: 'Abstraction does not remove you from "the computer" at all. Menmonics and syntactic sugar are all that separates this binary and the ascii that you normally see. But the idea that one day programming will be all finished is baloney - there will always be a need for people to show computers how to talk to people so the prof is wrong and so are you.' +1
  5. Oo oo! I can explain it! MPs having tax payer subsidised 2nd houses and GBs miracle economy being based on ever increasing house prices. Do I get a prize?
  6. People still have to eat. Real inflation (as opposed to CPI measured inflation) will rocket as our imported food costs increase due to the devalued pound. This might be a good thing, if if forces people to start eating local food in preference.
  7. Nope. Straight up complete truth. Skill really does count in programming. Read all the other posts on this thread, and I hope you'll start to realise that in some fields a cheap hourly rate will end up costing you much more.
  8. I've heard that the Indian education system emphasises rote learning. So Indians tend to compare poorly in professions where creativity or problem solving is required, such as IT development or 2nd+ line support. However, I see this as not being an issue in the medical profession. Possibly even a benefit.
  9. This will be true in 5?-20 years time when the skills of the people in countries with low living costs is at the same level as those of local people. At that point, the IT industry in the UK will be dead.
  10. True - but we're not comparing the top 1(?)% are we? We're comparing the ones who work in IT bodyshops. True again. The language/culture barrier means that the Indian software teams do not understand what is required. True again. Buying a cheap team of Indians is not as effective as paying for one good programmer. You seem to be arguing against your original point?
  11. There speaks someone who hasn't worked with many of them! There are a few top-rate exceptions, but in general, their skills in general, and problem solving in particular are substandard. In software development, the cheapness of 3rd world contractors is a false economy. A good programmer will create a working application 100 times faster than a poor one - and it will work better and be cheaper to maintain/run as well. As an extreme real world example, an off-shore (OK Ireland) development team took 6 months working on an application before finally giving up because what they had produced was simply far to slow and unreliable. The job was given to a local programmer, who wrote a working application from scratch in... 4 hours.
  12. Love the summary at the bottom - Total peak value: £3,757,286 Total loss from peak: -£2,529,286 Total loss from peak %: -67.32% Question is, how do they calculate the peak values?
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