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  1. Each generation of architects seem to follow the same trends, there is not much individuality out there. Too many at the moment think they are Norman Foster. I agree that the quality of the building material is poor in most new builds, saw that the housing associations are turning new builds down at the moment. Some regulation on the size of rooms would help as well.
  2. Factor in the inflation for that period and it they could easily hit the same real value.
  3. F**k all The mainland Chinese companies have high prices as the mainland chinese can only buy stocks on the mainland exchanges. Can't see many British companies jumping at this. Hong Kong would be a better place for a secondary listing. In the 80s lots of western companie listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange thinking it would help push their share price up to the levels the Japanese companies enjoyed. Didn't happen and they have mostly de-listed.
  4. Is it really in Hither Green? Or some EA told them it was Hither Green when really they live in Catford?
  5. Most new builds round my way (S London) are only half built, so just no use to anyone.
  6. He certainly turned this BTL into an "alternative investment"
  7. If you were a first time buyer In negative equity, the last thing you would want is those two turning up.
  8. Dealerships often get told by the manufacturer to spend a hugh ammount on doing up the showroom. This often ends up with the dealership taking years to repay what is just a big tarting up exercise and has no benifit for the customers. So as soon as the number of sales drops, they run into some serious problems.
  9. It is a legal requirement to make an anoncement before the markets open so you need to do it on a sunday night in the US so its before the Asian markets opening time.
  10. The deal is 0.83 Lloyds shares for every HBOS share. So if Lloyds shares go up as well then the value of the offer is increased. Its not a cash offer like the RBS/Fortis/Santander buy out of ABN AMRO.
  11. Its takes an owner 10 seconds to accept their house has gone up in value by 10%, but 10 months to accept their house has gone down in value by 10%. It will be a bit of a stand off for a while.
  12. If the lenders wanted to they could create such a vehicle without any help from governments/EU. It would have to only be mortgages of a certain quality (say 85% LTV and 3x Salary) no BLT or Self Cert Bolx. But there's no point at the moment, as no-one will want to buy any mortgage backed securities for a good few years (when memories fade).
  13. Something for the middle eastern oil states to spend their money on. The view across the city at the moment is just cranes.
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