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  1. Well, after 7 years on H.P.C and a lot of deposit saving i've taken the plunge and bought a house! I managed to get a good price, the house was on the market for 125k and i've got it for 105k. I've been waiting for a long time expecting a crash in the market and have finally been seeing some good reductions on the market (Leeds area). This one is a great ftb house, 2 beds, large garden and garage. Just needs a refresh on the decorating and it's good to go. This forum has been a great source of info over the years with some sound advice from members, so thanks for that! All the best to my fellow H.P.C ers. Eager FTB
  2. We have the gloomiest economic outlook for years, but yet house prices are still very high, even rising in my area searches on rightmove. Why are house prices seemingly immune from economic circumstances? Most people I know we're expecting prices to plummet following the trend of previous crashes in the past, but yet this hasn't happened. I know a few people who are waiting in the wings (me included) to buy, but are put off by high prices and enormous mortgages! I wonder if we will ever return to sensible affordable price levels?
  3. Fantastic!! Were all rich, rich I tell ya!!* Labour have done it again, Gordon Brown, what a guy! * jumps in air & kicks heels
  4. Yes, good post. It can't stay like this forever. At some point prices will have to come down otherwise you will end up with a stagnated market with nothing moving! FTB's are needed at the bottom level of the market to support the system otherwise the whole lot comes crashing down. We would be a lot better off if houses were treated as what they should be, a home, not an investment vehicle/political tool.
  5. Yep, I'm patiently waiting for the madness to come to an end, I have a sizeable deposit ready just like you, but I can't see the point of wasting it on a house right now. The amount of market manipuation is staggering, to bail out the feckless and save the skins of Politicians! I'm just sitting back to see what happens this year, especially after the election, as I'm sure there is a very large amount of brown stuff getting very close to the fan!!
  6. Patiently Waiting

  7. I know exactly what you mean! They are stil asking £90 - £100k round here for back to back terraced houses in grotty areas. Things are very out of kilter right now, being patient is very hard when this has been dragged on for so long. Surely it cannot last forever, with FTB's priced out?
  8. I had my car serviced the other week at a Vauxhall dealership, when I went to collect it later in the day there were two different people creating a scene at the service desk over the cost of labour at the garage. One bloke was very angry at the cost of the service, and threatened not to pay! It's no wonder people are going to independent garages to save money, doesn't affect the warranty either.
  9. Oh dear, no wonder he is so keen to get his hands on HBOS etc so rates can be dictated.
  10. I had a chat with an EA the other day, he phoned me up asking if I still wanted to remain on their mailing list. When I said yes he enquired when I might be interested in buying, I said maybe after xmas and new year to which he replied "oh yes good idea house prices are falling a lot at the moment and will probably be quite a bit lower next year"!!! He then tried to flog me a mortgage
  11. Indeed, check out this little gem courtesy of property bee. Not in the best area, but £35,000 off!
  12. Quote Gordon Brown "but, but, Mr Speaker M M Mr S Speaker, we have a strong economy, record low unemployment, low interest rates and low inflation". Rinse and repeat
  13. Anyone else noticing any price falls in the Leeds area? I've been keeping an eye on the LS28/LS12 areas on rightmove (recently using property bee) for a few months, with very little property being reduced. Small houses are still selling like hot cakes, not much evidence of things slowing down as far as I can see at the moment. I'm still surprised to see how much the asking prices are for places such as this and this
  14. I wonder if this will be reported on the BBC?
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