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  1. I thought that Beehunter was not working on anymore updates due to personal reason. It maybe some time before someone else in the open source world will pick PB up. Aladdin
  2. I've been in the The Tall House twice, once for meal and one for drinks. I wouldnt recommend it any friends for chinese. it was local to work and a good gather spot.
  3. Well, he certainly didnt defend those with 125% mortgages. He did however looked very chuffed
  4. http://www.allagents.co.uk/wolfs-residential-lettings/ 5 comments all posted in the last 48hrs giving this letting 5 stars. I smell a rat....
  5. lol, almost fell off my chair on that one. Maybe one of the reason why he is the director is so daddy can do a quick runner! amazing work......I think MS word can create better looking website with the envelope template.... ok....you kinda pay for the electricity yupe when daddy decides he need to nip off on a long holiday.
  6. I do suspect Family mum is really Mrs Shaw trying to balance the comments
  7. 460 guests, 193 members, 4 anonymous members Weeeee, this number is surprising high. nice to know that this website is spreading the love. Aladdin
  8. I think when they get relisted they will get new rightmove ID therefore wont have a history. maybe Property bee could add a option for users to link new listing with old listing.
  9. feel sorry for the person on 80-90%. Either you are living beyond your ability or you are not the sole earner in the household and your income pays for the mortgage/rent Please enlighten us on why oh why?
  10. Its' most probably down to a suggestion of the chain is now much shorter and in some cases chainfree. the other possibility is that the solitocitors has so much less clients therefore more time to work more on the little work around.
  11. Cant believe people think that the bottom has been reached. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-103...=4&tr_t=buy they can only dream
  12. my screen resolution didnt allow me to see the bottom of that chart edit: - typo
  13. Candidate Angela 167k Mortgage ends in July house worth £350k sounds like she one of the better financially minded. when is this programme filmed? how is 6.45% for 5 years a good rate? although fee free.....
  14. Cadidant David FTB mortgage 170k house worth 180k. deal runs out next year. I think he might be in trouble soon. sorry for short notes, still watching.
  15. Got to love Property for tracking changes Wonder what the owner was thinking. " I am sure there was another bedroom somewhere ....in..... the .....garage." Aladdin
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