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  1. Is it £30.00 now? My how infellation has been creeping up in other sectors of the econmy
  2. Did the same as you sold Chistmas last year We had £120k equity Put 100K in Co-op high interst account tied for 12 months 6.25% I think 20K have'nt decided yet If you put your money in a high interest account, at least you know where you are. Anything else "intersting" may be a bit of fun but who knows with the state of current world economy where to invest
  3. Come on somebody. You must be out there What's the answer
  4. Can any one help Media states that house prices reduced by 0.6% in March -- Fine This statistic relates to nationwides calculations. If you click on http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/historical/Mar_2008.pdf Febuary house prices were average £179,358.00 March House prices now stand at £179,110.00 How does this new figure be a 0.6% reduction Because my logic would be a figure of £178,281.86
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