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  1. that really made me laugh,thanks..bit sad i know
  2. could also be that this one has bearly started ? Tao
  3. yes a voice of reason in the noise tao
  4. 'Apart from the problems in the global wholesale bank, underlying performance remained “satisfactory”, RBS said.' Apart from the hole in the hull the ships overlying performance remains satisfactory, said the captain of the Titanic
  5. this is our generations Vietnam...but most have no idea Tao
  6. Dont often post but this does come across as rather arrogant Tao
  7. well now someone has been reading the FT this weekend! This email arrived this AM from allsopps FOR SALE ON BEHALF OF A MAJOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION Five residential investments Offers are invited for either individual investments or the entire portfolio. Subject to contract. TOOTING, LONDON Doulton Place 3 individual Leasehold flats. one flat subject to an assured tenancy with two flats vacant. Estimated Gross Rent Reserved (fully let) £38,145 per annum. DIDSBURY, GTR MANCHESTER Hanover and Windsor House, Olive Shapley Avenue 9 individual Leasehold flats. 8 flats su
  8. 'anyway. thts enough about hpi. can we stop now and have some tea ?' one lump or two ?
  9. as always 3 choices, put up and shut up,do something about it or get out...but please dont whinge
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