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  1. Thanks for the welcome Oracle, I knew this housing crash was gonna be painful, for some more than others, but blimey, me not being able to afford a house was evidently the lynch pin of the whole global economy!! who knew? You're right, martial law does seem to be a possibility. Will the goverment seize gold? I could see that happening too.
  2. As soon as those people in line finish their soup, they'll be picking up pitchforks and going after the wall street execs. maybe thats what depressions are really like!
  3. Thanks for the welcome 29929BT! So if I'm Tom Hanks say! That means I'm gonna struggle through this battle on a pointless mission only to be shot at the end? But I agree, this is just beginning. Do any of you get the feeling that when the media go on about a "boom" in recent years, some of us just never got an invite to it? So I guess I'm saying how can anything we are heading for be worse? At least I might get some food stamps now!! Stimulus cheque even!!
  4. Caution! Learner poster here, lurked for ages, decided the times come to post. If we are heading for depression, how much worse is it gonna be? I found it tough staying in work during the "boom" anyway! Needless to say I couldn't afford a house of any kind! How can it get worse?
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