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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25218286 His (Zac Goldsmith) Recall Bill was backed in the Commons by 127 votes to 17. It would trigger a referendum if 20% of all eligible voters in a constituency sign a petition demanding one.
  2. Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander is speaking at a news conference. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25213491 Useless softballs being thrown by churnalists.
  3. Must have, because unless BofE Mark Carney is printing the £375 Billion, it must be coming from China. and besides.... haven't we already got infrastructure? bit old, might need a few repairs, but we'll have to manage with what we've got. That's what people do when they're broke.
  4. Cameron wants to build everything except housing. http://www.bbc.co.uk...siness-25201064 £375bn for energy, transport, communications, and water projects £375 BILLION! ..... Billion with a B! Unless anyone can correct me, I don't see any housing mentioned.
  5. Very tough challenge. The UK electorate is heavily addicted to the ponzi scheme, My thoughts: ..... but it will take Churchillian type courage. Step 1: Close the UK borders to prevent greater demand for housing. Step 2: Limit imported products to only those countries with similar human rights, employment rights, and environmental protection laws, in order to allow British co's to compete on a level playing field. Step 3: Instruct banks to redirect lending to small and medium businesses, and away from the housing bubble. Step 4: Raise taxes on BuyToLet, 2nd home owners, 3rd home owners, and holiday home owners. Discouraging more, and encouraging them to sell. Step 5: Let the housing crash begin, and try to mitigate it's worse effects with cheap council pre-fabs on temporary greenfield sites for repossessed families. Step 6: Raise interest rates to try to stabilize the pound. Although it may be too late to save it now, in which case, an emergency/temporary currency will be needed. Plus rationing to prevent hoarding. Step 7: Cancel all government contracts for HS2, foreign aid, and quangos which are only propping up the elite. Step 8: Begin a large scale house building programme, employing millions of BRITISH only workers. Step 9: Exit the EU, and hope that they don't kick off World War 3 as the euro collapses.
  6. Translation: hey Chinese! Britain for sale! You can buy anything you want.
  7. Can we really call it "trade", when it's just us buying from them?
  8. Translation: You can keep printing money boys, cos i'll tame inflation by getting even cheaper goods imported from China! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-25176613 "David Cameron has promised to create a "partnership for growth and reform" as he visits China on a trade mission with more than 100 UK business leaders. The prime minister also pledged to put his "full political weight" behind a proposed agreement to free up trading between China and the European Union. He is due to hold talks with premier Li Keqiang on a separate China-UK deal said to be worth £1.8bn a year. Some EU states fear a flood of cheap imports if a wider pact is approved."
  9. In other news, the savers of the world to be burnt as fuel to allow debtors to save on heating bills.
  10. Banks have probably realised the Help2Buy FTBer's 5% deposits are funded by Wonga.
  11. "Labour Party Properties Ltd (LPPL), a property firm wholly owned by the Labour Party, has used its £6.3 million portfolio to secure £3.8 million of cheap finance from the Co-op Bank." That says it all about New Labour. Just as bad as the Tories. Scumbags.
  12. FFS! honestly, it'll be quicker to name those who didn't have their snouts in the property trough.
  13. Not at all. Just don't vote for the three main parties. Vote for the little parties or independents. Mix things up, force the old career politicians out. UKIP Green Respect Monster raving loony There are plenty, and often will have genuine people who believe in what they are doing.
  14. That old chestnut again! They pledge that at every election, and the Tories pledge a similar home building target etc. etc. etc. THEY NEVER DO IT! IT NEVER HAPPENS! I'VE HEARD THIS BU****IT FOR 20 YEARS NOW! They have no interest in doing it. They will block housebuilding at every opportunity, while encouraging open door mass immigration and QE funded ponzi mortgages. They are the landlords, why would they do what's right for the country?
  15. Breathtaking that they can't see the complete fault of logic in that statement. "Get On The Ladder Now Or You May Never Be Able To" No future buyers then? Ha!
  16. Simple. Step 1. Outlaw Buy2Let, 2nd homes, third homes, holiday homes. Step 2. Sit back and watch the economy recover.
  17. Translation - China to buy part of the home, and we all pay the Chinese to live in our own country. Honestly, when will these nutters give up? They've bankrupted the nation, sold off all our industry, signed away our sovereignty, decimated the young's chances of having a life, and still they won't stop this insane bubble.
  18. except they will be more motivated by more take home pay. + over 65s are not facing the monumental house prices, faced by the young.
  19. What are those of us unemployed in our 30's supposed to do? Afterall, we're the ones who have suffered most from housing bubble fraud and uncontrolled mass immigration. It's ok for the government to be ageist then?
  20. That photo makes me want to vomit. The UK is being decimated by this man. Recklessly fuelling a dangerously overheated property market, creating yet more estate agents. At the same time, destroying shipbuilding. He is utter scum, and I hope the electorate will throw him out.
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