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  1. The Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and George Osborne economy. Thanks guys. Just keep packing us into smaller and smaller boxes, productivity goes up,..... until total societal breakdown ensues. Nice work politicians!
  2. The point is, if Ireland gives these properties to the young to finish themselves, then they can work for low salaries. The UK government should do the same. Want us to compete with China, take our massive housing costs out of the equation and bingo... cheap workers! No need to import them from Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and risk social breakdown due to overcrowding and dangerously inflated housing costs.
  3. For gods sake! why not just give them to the young Irish? y'know, the young who are leaving the country. What future has Ireland got, with idiotic policies like this.
  4. Can someone remind me, why exactly all these people have to keep flying all over the world? Why? .... we have telephones, skype etc. Is it really business they're doing? or is it just for the jolly jetset lifestyle, while pretending it's business?
  5. Agreed. It's so sad that everyone (except HPCers) see the huge numbers travelling into London, and say "we need more trains, planes etc". They don't ask... "why are so many people having to commute into London? Why are all the jobs in London?" It's a definite Cantillon effect. Print money > Give it to London centric finance sector > Cause localised London boom > Devalue the money of the rest of the UK, impoverishing them > Blame the rest of the UK for being unproductive. > Carry on the London party.
  6. I think the problem is not a lack of train or aircraft capacity in London. It's the QE fuelled boom causing a concentration of jobs/activity in London, and the devaluation effect causing economic depression in the rest of the UK. That's why everyone is packing onto trains etc to commute into London. ITS QE & ZIRP guys!! The jobs need to move out of London, rather than the people commuting in.
  7. Richard Cantillon "Cantillon suggested that inflation occurs gradually and that the new supply of money has a localised effect on inflation, effectively originating the concept of non-neutral money.[65] Furthermore, he posited that the original recipients of new money enjoy higher standards of living at the expense of later recipients."
  8. London draining life out of rest of country - Cable http://www.bbc.co.uk...litics-25444981 London "is becoming a giant suction machine draining the life out of the rest of the country", Business Secretary Vince Cable is warning.
  9. if there's to be no jobs left for us humans, well the house prices should fall, yes? No salary, no mortgage, no high house prices.
  10. This is BRILLIANT! thanks for posting TimeBandit. Makes the UK government's 30 year + time scale horizon for building homes look glacial.
  11. + 1000 I notice JCB always willingly pop up behind every chancellor when needed. Them and that London Taxi Co. Their piddly job increases are dwarfed by the numbers of estate agents being created... *shudder* That's what's really going on.
  12. +1 The old bubble never deflated. Everyone knows it. The 'ponzi people' are in complete denial. "Hands over ears.. la la la... I can't hear you". This is how a nation goes totally bankrupt folks. Collective denial by vested interests in charge. Osborne et al keep saying stuff like, 'we're not in a bubble because we are not back at 2008 levels' !!
  13. Incredible isn't it. We could compete with China tomorrow, if only housing costs were low enough. Note to any companies reading this: if you want cheap workers, just provide free housing, then Brits will work for beer money..... happily. It's high housing costs that prevent our economy from "rebalancing". Yet Government are doing everything to prevent it. Madness.
  14. "Woohoo, British people now even more expensive to employ, thanks to rising housing costs" " In other news, more jobs to go, as low cost economies out compete Britain" Honestly, these people are too thick for words to describe.
  15. Tweets Nigel Farage ‏@Nigel_Farage37mHelp to Buy is creating the next bubble, not helping people on the housing ladder #AS2013 Nigel Farage ‏@Nigel_Farage41m'Help to Buy' sounds like Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae to me. Nigel Farage ‏@Nigel_Farage42mOffshore wind is even more expensive than onshore wind #AS2013 Nigel Farage ‏@Nigel_Farage43mWe will need to build more homes because of the popl rise and mass migration into the UK
  16. So £375 Billion for infrastructure we already have... .... and only £1 Billion (in loans) for house building we are desperate for. Useless.
  17. Look at Nigel Farage's tweet stream during Autumn Statement today!
  18. Yet again the BBC go to a shopping centre to judge the state of the economy. Well done BBC, Brits buying stuff made in China with debt = good economy. Total idiots.
  19. "Savers to be burnt as fuel to keep hard working mortgage owners warm"
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