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  1. Unless the banks come up with a way of shifting their loan book "off balance sheet"..... via securitization etc ... then they can repeat over and over again.
  2. +1 agreed. How can they not see the chaos it's causing though? It's destroying all good behaviour. The bad and reckless are prospering everywhere. Social collapse on it's way IMO.
  3. They keep spending printed money supplied by the BofE gilt purchases, then seem surprised that prices rise Genuine question. Why can't they see it? It's not that hard. 'Childcare subsidy for working parents to be increased' ---> Childcare costs rise Winter fuel payment ---> rocketing energy bills Cheap mortgages ---- rocketing housing costs Increased student loans ---> University tuition fees increase. Housing benefit ----> increasing rents. etc... etc...
  4. He's stood down..... so where are the LibLabCon resignations for the same thing? There's none, because they all profit from it. UKIP haters try yet again to find any argument, and fail. .
  5. Yep, that's exactly what they're doing. The BBC is killing itself. I'll never trust them again. 20 years of property porn, a total failure to report the biggest financial scandal in human history, and EU nationalism. Lets see which of the Farage Vs Clegg debates is fairest. LBC radio or BBC tv. My money is on LBC.
  6. The BBC is desperately spinning this immigration report about Non-EU migration displacing British workers, as being about migration generally. Then they're trying to claim it's less damaging than previously thought. Absolute EU (anti-British) bias on an incredible level. Farage just destroyed the BBC Journalist on this.
  7. Many pensioners are also survivors of World War 2, and endured the loss of fathers & brothers etc fighting the Germans, and the Blitz. If you had been through that, would you not be keen to keep Britain's sovereignty. Just in case. Maybe they know something you don't.
  8. Evan Davies Worried that in 10 years we'll look back and see London is all just a bubble..... but doesn't think it is. It is Evan. Whopping great bubble based on printed money.
  9. Not one mention of London being a Cantillon Effect yet..... still waiting. "Cantillon suggested that inflation occurs gradually and that the new supply of money has a localised effect on inflation" London is an extreme Cantillon effect thanks to printed money being fed to the City.
  10. It was the required amount to pay it off over 25 years. It made sense. The system now is completely insane.
  11. No. A normal repayment mortgage had you pay principle from day one.
  12. Since they never earned any equity in the first place..... If they want equity, well do it the old fashioned way..... START ACTUALLY PAYING DOWN YOUR MORTGAGE! ...oh wait they can't afford to actually repay these mortgages can they? ... our point from the beginning.
  13. Wrong. The reason immigrant workers get the job, is that the employer misinterprets the immigrants attraction to the UK wage, with eagerness or hard working attitude. It's not. The immigrant is impressed by the UK minimum wage when compared to their 'lower living cost' homeland. Once the immigrant arrives, and begins to see that the low wages are not enough for the basics, shelter etc in the UK, they too begin to refuse low pay. That's why the UK continually seeks never-ending cheap workers. Because from the moment they arrive, British living costs begin to drive them out of the jobs market too. ie. The Polish cheap workers are about to be replaced by even cheaper Romanian and Bulgarians...... ...and so on... and so on. It's a currency arbitrage.
  14. A pledge they will never honour. They promise this before every election, then once in power, it's "now is not the right time". Ukip only for me now.
  15. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but this shows that too much hot money is causing extreme distortions. ... and the BofE are asleep.
  16. What an absolute scumbag. Everyone knows he's deliberately 'unbalancing' it himself.
  17. hmnn.. runs out of steam... summary... build more.... no wait building more won't solve it.... Landlords profiteering.... can't see how to stop it..... foreign buyers..... can't see how to stop it. The rich media (property owning) elite win again.
  18. Landlords must now drop their rents to what the 'market' can afford.
  19. The BBC devaluing the vital role of the 'Mother' yet again. Parenting is the most important job for the future stability of our society, and all the Beebs career obsessed journalists can do is relish in it's ridicule. Farage gets my vote, if for no other reason than the BBC hate him.
  20. If the Conservative party had any sense, they would make this guy their leader. ....... But they don't have any sense.
  21. Fantastic interview by Eamonn Holmes about this on SKY today. Total disaster for MP Michael Fallon. Hopefully LiarPoliticians will have it.
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