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  1. This isn't about UKIP, or even our ability to buy a house. The point is, the Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems are so blinded by their insane desire to keep the bubble going, they're selling off Britain. It is happening right before our eyes. Once foreigners own everything, do you think they'll let us Brits vote? No. They won't. Democracy will die in Britain because of these "bubble fanatics".
  2. I refer you sir to this moment at 17 min 50 sec. Why not give the man a chance?
  3. Douglas Carswell is a thoroughly decent man, who says exactly what needs to be said.
  4. They should simply build NEW villages, rather than ruining old villages. Avoids the nimby problem, and easier to plan.
  5. Things have gone beyond insane. House Prices 'Rise Above 2007 Peak Values'
  6. Good point. They should all have to declare an interest, and not participate in the debate/vote.
  7. Considering half our MPs are Buy2Let landlords, I don't have high hopes for this debate.
  8. When a job pays enough to buy a home, the young suddenly become very motivated. Boomer politicians have forgotten why they worked to begin with.
  9. Because negative real interest rates destroys productive behaviour. It's breathtaking that the BofE don't "understand" this.
  10. Mrs Miller is donating the £17,000 pay-off she is entitled to on leaving the cabinet to charity. Why not give it back to the taxpayers? !!! Yet another rich, family run, friends of the elite "so called charity" gets the dosh to pay their own salaries.
  11. Not a real resignation. "The PM said he hoped she would be able to return to cabinet "in due course"." Source http://www.bbc.co.uk...litics-26951464 I will never EVER vote Conservative again. Scum bags. .
  12. The baby boomers printed trillions of £s for themselves. stands to reason, whatever life expenses they are now facing will inflate hugely. Nursing care Mobility scooters home help ... house insurance heating costs... ... get ready for huge inflation in false teeth and slippers too.
  13. A "consultation on rules to allow warehouses and light industrial buildings to be converted for residential use." Translation..... 'We politicians think this might be ok, but we'll ask our bosses in the lobbying industry first.'
  14. These days, the pound is worth what the old threepenny bit was. Says it all really.
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