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  1. Here in the big city there are plenty of coffee bars like Starbucks and Pret a Manger, that employ smart and diligent EU migrant workers for 7 or 8 pounds a hour. Those companies gain by employing the Eurograds who are happy to stay in overcrowded cheap digs for the chance to polish off their English and experience their first freedom away from home. I'm not even sure that an increase in the minimum wage will change this. Will the coffee bars really want to employ surly local youth whose second word is "innit"? Having said that companies like Greggs and Weatherspoons manage to employ good local workers so perhaps there is a way?


  2. Did you read the article? It gives the gross figure, about 600,000 with non-EU immigration rising. The net figure is important as it gives an idea of how many school places etc you need for planning.

    I did, and I summarised the gross figure "half a million per year" in the bit you deleted from my post.

    My point was to question the sense in using a net figure as the headline, as it can lead government to the perverse incentive of encouraging Brits to leave simply to keep the 'net' numbers down.

    We want Brits to stay, and not feel pushed out.

  3. i suppose it depends what industry you work in. we have a developed world education system that people can take advantage of if they don't want to compete with romanians and bulgarians in the kitchen porter trade.

    I think it affects all industries. The reason there's so much competition in the higher end jobs is because everyone is 'bunched higher up'. Low paid work done by immigrants, forces Brits to have to aim higher. Brits have no choice if they want to buy a home.

    The EU has essentially restarted the slave trade. It's happening right before our eyes. These immigrants are being exploited. They come thinking they can have a western style life. When they get here they see what the Brits have already worked out. Those low wages will not get you home or a western style lifestyle. In fact you'll be living in worse conditions than back in Romania etc.

    It's big business and the "management/political class" exploiting cheap labour, pure and simple.

  4. Why are they always using the Net figure?

    Essentially it amounts to Government saying "as long as we can get enough Brits to flee the UK, we can keep on letting in half a million per year" ... "then we use the net figure to make it look like only a 1/4 of a Million have come in."

    Brits leaving is dreadful for our economy. After years of educating, feeding, protecting, and raising them to be good decent law abiding citizens with British values and outlook. The moment they become productive, we lose them.


  5. So watching the video I couldn't help but notice that the BBC, correct me if I'm wrong, has just stated, and I paraphrase; that it's OK for foreigners, non domicile in this country, to deny local people housing , hoard that housing and not even live in it whilst the country is in the grip of a housing and living cost crisis not seen in generations, just because they may happen to purchase expensive trinkets ( that we have to import anyway because, hey manufacturing in the UK is all but dead) and help the "economy", did I hear that right?

    The wickedness of the BBC and it's obvious VI in making housing more unaffordable to the indigenous people isn't even being hidden in that piece, truly astounding how diabolical the MSM/BBC and their works truly are, we are forced by pain of imprisonment, arbitrary fines and harassment if we choose not to support this? What a country....

    + 1 million

    Great post. :)

  6. Its a fight worth having - but in the first instance try reading the post and post it was responding to again.

    Next, I was laughing at the fact that Farage grand intro on the housing debate involved blaming rich foreigners.

    Next: I appreciate the invitation to have a go at UKIP, to me its bloody obvious they are a divisive distraction, from manifestos, to campaigning leaflets, to websites to 'man-in-the-pub' debates I've had, to debates on this forum.

    Isn't that their main appeal ?

    I thought 'FallingAwake's post was eminently reasonable and well argued. Your post was just the same old tired nonsense we hear from the vested interests.

    Farage has repeatedly stated that he does not blame any foreigners for coming here, or buying property. He blames the system and politicians that fail to see the huge social consequences of the resulting excess demand for housing, employment and services.

    As it appears Britain wishes to retain it's 'green and pleasant land' (the greenbelt)., creating millions of houses seems unlikely. So the only option is to reduce demand, by reducing immigration and foreign buyers.

    Farage is right.

  7. By the way, UKIP's whole raison d'être, and underlying message is Them/Us. I commend your sense of fair play regarding the 'system', but at the end of the day UKIP are (quite successfully) after votes on this ticket.

    What do you think the job of a British politician is?

    They're supposed to help British people, not everyone else in the world.

    The rest of the world's people have their own politicians helping them.

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