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  1. Next President ought to put that crack pipe down. FYI, the protests started off peacefully until some troublemakers (drug dealers, some teenagers who have too much time on their hands and others well known to the police) decided to burn and trash everything in sight. The majority of the protesters wanted to protest peacefully and even tried to stop the troublemakers from physically assaulting the police. Now there’s a website that listed the names and addresses of these police officers and urged people to attack them. Family members of these police officers are worried about this. Majority of the Icelanders in the beginning supported these protesters. As time goes on, the protesters message will be lost when you see police officers being assaulted and property being destroyed. It getting stale watching this every night on the news.
  2. Actually, they have. This was just on the news 2 days ago.The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra had to cancel their trip to Japan because the Japanese didn´t believe that they would be able to pay their bills. The three banks Landsbanki, KB bank and Glitner went on a spending spree while the Icelandic government let it happen. These banks took foreign loans that the Icelandic government couldn´t guarantee. According to Icelandic law, they can´t do this. The drama continues...
  3. I agree 100% its the politicians and the bankers across the globe that are responsible. It´s not one country who caused this. But I have to disagree about Icelanders being as nice as any other human beings. The majority(not all of course) of Icelanders are racist.They are not friendly and look down upon anyone who is not European. Non-Europeans are treated like second class citizens. My Japanese friend who is married to an Icelander said this " When I work with them, they behave really Icelandic.It is not international manner. It is just accepted for Icelandic people. I often feel bad when I work with them". Icelandic immigration purposely makes it difficult for anyone to get their residentual permit if they are not from Europe even if you are married to an Icelander.
  4. FYI, A few months ago, 2 two Russian Tu-95 bombers (http://frontierindia.net/russian-tu-95s-intercepted-by-french-mirage-2000-exiting-from-iceland-airspace) went into Icelandic airspace. The Icelandic goverment was angry and told them they should have been informed about this. The Russian ambassadors response was "get used to it because we will be using Icelands airspace in the future".
  5. So Saint Putin Ex-KGB, the great humanitarian out of the goodness of his heart is going to help bail them out. Let them enjoy their “special relationship” with Russia just like Eastern Europe and Japan( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuril_Islands_dispute) have done so in the past.
  6. LOL Eventually they will be related to each other. If you like lavish parties with nubile women, visit Iceland during the summer. You have 24 hours of daylight to spend time with nublie women in downtown Reykjavik
  7. Yes but they will have a place in history as the first western country in the 21st century to go bankrupt. The worse is yet to come.
  8. Let me set you straight. The 3 major banks (Landsbanki, Glitner and KB bank) went on a spending spree all throughout Europe, North America and Asia. During this time, top management in those banks were given outrageous salaries. They threw lavish parties and had many expensive social events in Iceland. BTW I´m not Icelandic
  9. I'm American and lving with my Icelandic spouse in Reykjavik. We both saw this mess coming 2 years ago. Icelanders were warned and many didn't listen. The &*(%#$# banks Glitner, Landsbanki and KB bank have alot to answer for. Many people lost money investing in their "money making" schemes. Right now,it is extremely expensive to convert Krona to any other currency. In the meanwhile, should you be one of the lucky ones who have other currencies you will be paid next to nothing in Krona. I came to this housingpricecrash.co.uk because I wanted to know how bad it was out there. Now I know it's all global. I was considering buying the Sterling along with my Dollars and Yen. I did not want to have all my savings only in Krona. After reading these comments, I can honestly say Thank God I didn't buy the Sterling. I'm sticking with the Dollar and Yen. So far so good.I suggest you go to this website: http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/ He's made some good calls. I would like to thank Realist Bear for helping me decide not to buy the Sterling.
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