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  1. Enormous respect to this woman...she`s actually successfully developed property..she knows what shes talking about! I`d agree with 99% of what she says which is a lot more than most of the arrogant clueless twits on the program who for some strange reason think they know better. I`d love to have her as my partner in a project!...although im not sure that we would get much work done.....unless it was re-productive work of course If you do read this forum Sarah...say hi.... pleeez?
  2. I couldn`t agree with this more! If you really want a crash then vote Tory because they are bound to do something really stupid which will totally destablise the market. They did it before which precipitated the 90`s crash and I`m sure they will do it again. Interest rates 15% along with abolition of dual tax relief ....it took a lot but that did the trick last time! Labour will continue to be cautious so i think a crash will be unlikely if they get re-elected. So, on the basis of that, a crash is very unlikely simply because I dont see the Tories getting in.......but then again t
  3. You really are a strange lot!...How can you generalize on a big city like liverpool? Its like saying that the whole of London is gangland when in fact its only a small part of it is. Anyway, heres another fact: My house has been on the market for just 1 week and Ive been offered the asking price of 130k. Its a largish 3/4 bed victorian terrace in the Kensington/fairfield area of Liverpool. Personally I think its a bargain. Theres no way property prices are going to crash in this area because theres far too much regeneration going on! If anything, i reckon they will increase over the nex
  4. Ok....I live in Kensington/fairfield area of liverpool.....i had my house on the market for a week and i have been offered the asking price of 130k. Its a 3/4 bed victorian terrace , larger than average. Personally I think its excellent value for money. There are some nearby properties that are in my opinion overpriced and have been on the market for a while. I followed the advice of the estate agent. Properties that are priced accurately are selling!...Heres the proof! So maybe soon, i will be joining you guys and praying for a crash but i seriously dont think its going to happen in th
  5. I think you will find that the house is an optional extra! What do you want for a mere quarter of a million?.... jam on it?
  6. Well, they are currently 5 years into a 10 year 62million pound regeneration programme. They have spent 22million to date so still another 40 to go. If they can`t make significant improvements with that then i doubt they ever will! To be honest, i agree that some of the prices here in some areas have been pretty ridiculous. In a rising market and buyer frenzy the sellers get cheeky and keep pushing the price up and they get it easily. Something had to give and it already did that here a good few months ago. Basically the last cheeky sellers were unable to get their latest hike in asking
  7. Hmm..I do believe Liverpool was somewhere in the Nothwest the last time I looked!
  8. Have a look at my liverpool..time for optimism thread. The regeneration is in primarily going on in the poverty areas as you refer to them eg Anfield, Kensington(this is where most of the money is being spent because thats where its most needed) but there is also massive work going on throughout Liverpool and the city centre. Its true that prices did double but you have to get it in perspective: we are talking about houses in poorer areas that were 25k and now worth 50k so although it sounds like Liverpool is too expensive 50k is still pretty cheap compared to the rest of the country.
  9. Lots of talk here about what prices are doing in the Northwest but nothing about Liverpool. Prices seem to be holding out here pretty well. They`ve levelled off but they are not going down. Theres a lot of speculation the forthcoming capital of culture celebrations in 2008 will stave off any drastic falls. Also there is massive regeneration going on here so things are pretty stable. Anyone else got some info on whats happening in Liverpool?
  10. Wow! there certainly is a lot of pessimism around, epecially about Liverpool it seems. You guys are obviously hoping for a crash and probably not property owners at present but hoping to bag a few bargains when/if the `crash` happens! As confidence in the housing market is quite a significant factor as to what prices will do it seems to me that you may well be attempting to contribute to the possibility with your pessimism. ok, if we`re talking facts here are a few accurate ones: Average property price in Liverpool for Q4 2004: £106741 (Land registry data) http://www.landreg.gov.uk/proper
  11. In reply to the two posts above: I`m accused of trying to pump prices up but you are guilty trying to push them down as do most people on these forums it seems. I remember the previous property crash in the early nineties and the circumstances then were totally different to now! Maggie thatcher announced the abolition of individual tax relief for couples and told us the exact date it would be so everyone rushed out buying houses to claim the dual relief before it was too late. As a result prices overshot the mark everywhere!...Shortly after that I recall having a mortgage of 44k at
  12. Liverpool: Capital of culture 2008!...I live in the Kensinton area of Liverpool..yes it sounds very posh doesnt it? It has however and still is probably one of the most deprived areas in the country. That is why it is also undergoing one of the largest regeneration projects with something like 65 million pounds beng spent ! Work is underway and if anyone is thinking of buying in Liverpool, this in my opinion is the place to invest! Even if overall prices slump a little in Liverpool as a whole, a wise investor buying in Kensington now would see the value of his property rise in relation to th
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