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  1. Computer Science and Accounting at University of Manchester - a long time ago!
  2. LA will be pleased ... Brick Lane by LA Salami
  3. You can access the Government HTB ISA Bonus once you've saved £1,600. You can save £200 pcm with an extra £1,000 deposit also allowed in the first month. If you opened one today, you could be accessing your £400 bonus on 2 May 2018! 29 March Pay in £1,200, 1 April £200, 1 May £200 = £1,600 Even if you were putting an offer in today it would still be worth opening an HTB ISA as it's likely you would qualify for the bonus before your house purchase was complete. £800 free money for a couple! HTB ISA - How Does It Work?
  4. He bought it 22 years ago - could be three years away from being mortgage-free... But they owe £195k after remortgaging to pay off credit card debts.
  5. 13 year bump to a thread! Is this a record?
  6. +1 Good to hear from you and that you're ok Venger.
  7. I follow @Venger on Twitter. I DMed him / her on 20 February as I was a little concerned that there were no postings on here from them since 25 January 2018. On Twitter their last tweet is 1 January 2018 so maybe a New Year's Resolution to just stop. I haven't yet had a reply on Twitter which is a little worrying. Hope everything is ok. I miss their postings and contributions here on HPC.
  8. I don't know. @Venger last posted here on HPC on 25 January 2018. I've DM'ed Venger on Twitter over a week ago but not had a reply. Hope they're ok.
  9. Looks like the raffle winner is selling their prize by auction. Just received a text from IAmSold. Melling Manor | To be offered at 6.30pm on Thursday 26 October 2017 Starting Bid is £300k
  10. Replying to my thread - for the sake of completeness. Looks like I'll be posting every six months until there is a Liability Management Exercise... More Misery for Manchester Building Society PIBS Holders Investors who own permanent interest-bearing shares or Pibs issued by Manchester Building Society are to miss out on another interest payment, the mutual has indicated. The embattled society, which has said there is “material uncertainty” over its survival, has two tranches of Pibs in issue: one that is supposed to pay 8pc annual interest and another with a 6.75pc “coupon”. Investors have already missed the interest payments due in April this year and October 2016.
  11. Hi Sancho, I missed this yesterday with all the excitement with Provident Financial. I would love to run another auction as it seems things are getting interesting but unfortunately I don't have the time - each auction takes a few hours to collect the data and set-up. I'm happy to make the original code I used ( Excel workbook with VBA so fairly easy to edit / update ) available if anyone ( Roman Roady? ) wants to have a go but it looks like EIGroup have changed their website substantially in the intervening period. I'm looking forward to the next auction update! M21er
  12. There is a £120m Retail Bond due for redemption on 4 October 2017 ( PF17 7% Provident Financial Note 2017 ) - this is going to concentrate minds if the funds aren't there to redeem.
  13. This the video 2017 Super Trends - Buy to Let Exit Suspect Graham could be a member here or at least a lurker judging by the title of the video! Well worth a watch
  14. First day of trading today. Currently at £1.05 - £1.06 Bid / Offer. The PRS REIT plc Share Price A small profit from stagging across mine, my wife's and my son's ISA accounts!
  15. @Little Pig - Many Thanks for this heads-up. Looks interesting with a promised dividend yield of 6%pa More information here: The PRS REIT plc Prospectus Here: The PRS REIT plc Prospectus ( Application Form on Page 191 ) The prospectus mentions an Intermediaries' Offer so hopefully can apply through ISA or SIPP but I've not seen anything on the brokers' sites as yet ( eg HL, SelfTrade, YouInvest ) Edit: Have spoken with the company and SelfTrade should be one of the participating brokers.
  16. From Twitter. Lots of rumours - Resignation, Election, Northern Ireland etc but no hard facts as yet...
  17. Nearly thirteen years! This must be one of the very first threads on HPC - it's dated three days before I joined on 16 August. I recall there was an FT House Price Discussion forum which was closed down and people migrated across to here. Wonder what the original property is valued at now?
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