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  1. Just thought I would add this link to what someone thinks of this forum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiIT3_xuTbc...feature=related Apologies if it's already been linked.
  2. Someone doesn't care about housing bubbles. The crossings, new build site in stafford, seems to have done well recently, looks like they just sold another half dozen or so unfinished 3 bed terraced. The sold signs weren't there a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Many landlords often forget tenants are human, instead of just money making machines. Wrong attitudes in my opinion. I once had a landlord years ago ( vvanker ), who LIKED TO DICTATE. DICTATE - says it all really. And I swear he was not even 5 foot tall. Not that his height was his problem. Last straw was when I found him inside the property uninvited. Not a fun end to my last few weeks there. I think he took the 'lord' part of landlord to seriously. Of course landlords want to protect their 'investment' - deposits, insurances, tenancy agreements, and agencies can help them feel safe, can't they ? To protect themselves against the irreponsible, the idiots, or their own paranoia. The last 2 properties I rented, the landlords had no idea that I smoked, I had a border collie and a cat, until the day I handed my keys in. They are both happy to be references if I should need. Of all the people you actually know, how many would leave a house in a bad state if they vacated it ? Even with pets, kids, fun, life etc etc . . . . . Personally, I can't think of one. Anyway, if the landlord chooses to invest in the slummier areas, well, the risk then seems greater. BTL of any sort is a gamble.
  4. Isn't that one of the main points of this site ?
  5. The 80's felt longer than 15 years to me . . . Anyway, for a salesman of any type, his maths are about right
  6. Makes you wonder which one of the tories is banging her . . . .
  7. It is getting tight for work in the construction industry throughout the midlands. The builders (that i sub for) are trying to sell hard the existing stock, but holding back on the unbuilt, cutting down, revising their strategies. There are many tradesmen I know with little work compared to just a month ago! They have been phoning round, too, but with no joy for the next few months at least. At least the summer is around the corner
  8. Are you imagining a sticky situation arising re Northern Rocks advantage ?
  9. Or maybe spread my dosh over all the 'relatively safe' mutuals, ns&I, northern rock, etc etc etc. Is there some written limit to how many ? Feels like I am at the damn bookies And then how does joepublic integrate inflationary issues into all this ?! Is there a 'grandad' of advice givers on this site? 'Cause mine died a few years ago, and his words have been missed.
  10. Signed up for ns&i last week, so hope to put the bulk of my stash there any time soon. Got 35 k of it with A&L, 20k LloydsTSB, 20k with legal&general bonds, the rest in premium bonds. (correct, I am not an ace with money). All media pushes and pulls at most of us, if it is the scaremongering or good advice, the influence is still there. A bulk of my cash was made when I sold up in the summer of 2005 after reading this site, and quickly hooking up permanently with my woman in her bargaintorun HA semi, . . . . waiting for the tide to turn.
  11. I apologize for being a bit naive - are you saying that somewhere like nationwide is probably one of the safest places to save your hard earned? Safer than ns&i ? Does there exist a relatively unbiased chart of the safest/worst places to put our cash ? Because I really want to snap up a Cornish bargain in time, when the second home owners (hopefully) take a smackdown and leave
  12. My wife got a HA 2 bed semi, nice area, good school catchment, woodland out the back garden, after she got divorced from her ex back in 2001. The rent back then was £ 226 a month. It has just had the annual increase, now up to £ 305 a month
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