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  1. Nice work Sherlock. That's a long con if ever I saw one...
  2. Paid down mortgage every chance we got to get to low payments, paid it off, then had cash, which is why we are where we are. And yes, sorry but there you go. Just telling it how it happened.
  3. Was paying £750 rent on 2 bed flat, first mortgage payment was £600 on 3 bed terrace 1997 - I remember laughing at advisor as this doubled our disposable income. Yes buildings insurance, laughable contents as no possessions but it made all the difference. Had scraped deposit though. But yes, those 4 years would have made a difference. Six months later I couldn't have done it. Sorry.
  4. Erm, first house made 90 k increase in selling price over 4 years. Downsized to second, extended, and soid for 100k more 10 years later. Have cash in bank with nothing worth (done pension / isa's) doing than buying bigger place as single property /home is best investment to avoid CGT. Did not overpay (for any of them it seems..)
  5. Not including the 90k profit on the original house, and broke even inc. mortgage payments v.s rent. I did have a exact to the penny spreadsheet at one point where I was upon on the deal in about 2006, so another 8 years with mortgage at 300pm vs £1000 ish rent. Bigger mortgage now, with a big leap, but I could pay it off with no penalty.
  6. Its honestly a recap, if you look at early posts. I've been skinter than a skint thing with no backup for years. Yes, Kids will be ok when I die, unlike me and my parents. Just saying, as I've spent many, many hours on this forum. HPC in significant level not going to happen. The forum is about HPC and has been online for 12 years - just pointing out its rather been proven wrong, long term. Don't agree its right, but equally the lottery is a hideous scam and I wouldn't hand the money back if I won on that either.
  7. I'm going to die here or downsize in 20 so can't see it and I'm overall at about lifetime zero rent + current equity so can't see it
  8. I've been on here a lot longer than my profile and we agonised about buying in '97 in Shitty S. London, just managed it. We left London in 2003 (selling for £90k more) for a sensibly priced (205k, small mortgage) home to raise a family in, and after 10 years and a change in circumstance (business going well fook all else to do with the cash and avoid CGT) bought a massive family house in a desirable area (cotswolds) last year for £750k. 250 year old totally upgraded cotswold stone mansion in my eyes, and everyone else's. Big mortgage, but cash in the bank to pay it off. I fully agree houses are overpriced, I fear how my kids will manage, but new build 4 bed boxes in my immediate area are now £450k - £500k. We made £90k on the London house, about broke even on the sensible house once the extension + mortgage was taken into account (so it was effectively free housing for ten years), and seeing what properties here are now going for we got a ridiculous bargain - not the same house but more like a million for similar. I won't move again but to downsize now (early 40's, spare wing, spare outbuilding / tiny cottage & 0.5 acre) and if there is a crash I'm (nearly) immune - but systemic political propping up has achieved me the house of my dreams. Thanks Tony/Gordon/David. If I'd have STR I would have been fooked, if I had not bought I would have been fooked, If I had BTL in '97 when we could have I would be retired but I'm not a total, total capitalist ******* and was politically opposed.. Food for thought. Not trolling, I've been immensely lucky, but there is no HPC.
  9. Thanks for all the responses. But its not about Tax avoidance, its about safeguarding the cash in the event the SHTF. 4 man media ish company, few freelancers BTW.
  10. Have built up cash reserves in a UK LTD co (small biz) and am getting worried that the shits going to hit the fan. Its all with the HSBC, so banking guarantee applies to 80k only, have looked into other options but small welsh building socs look scarier than keeping it in the HSBC. Obviously drawing it out will attract corporation tax - but this represents lifetime savings. What would you do with it given the Euro might go...
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