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  1. An ounce of gold will only buy you 6 barrels of oil, the long term average is 15 barrels. Something has to give gold could well clear $1000 soon on the way to a $2000 high.
  2. Very interesting, i've heard that platinum is used in the production of catalytic converters. It appears to beahve very differently to gold interesting that you've opted for shares in a mining company would you advise buying into a mining company now? There was some brief discussion on my site http://www.goldpricecrash.com/forum/topic55.html but no-one seemed to have any advice.
  3. Promoting other websites? who me? I just included a link to a discussion, whether or not people choose to click on the link is up to them...
  4. Says someone who thinks platinum is the new gold
  5. It appears we may have reached peak oil, if so the bull run on gold will be with us for some time yet
  6. Yes how about this one After all, you can't go wrong with property, it always rises in value and it's as safe as houses isn't it? This used to be the case, but now many property markets globally appear to be imploding, while the risk of exposure to the credit crunch in emerging locations like India and Brazil is unclear.
  7. He'll need to go on a major charm offensive if he's to win the next by election It also looks like there will be no further rate cuts by the BOE anytime soon with inflation expected to rise beyond 4%. If they don't keep inflation in check which is highly probable, we will be seeing an increase of in the number of striking workers. While the present situation is out of the governments control, it won't be long before people start seriously feeling the effects of the slowdown in their pockets and blaming the government. This has yet to filter through yet, but when it does it will be the 1970s all over again. The Labour party will be left in the doldrums until it can find another "Blair".
  8. After the frenzied investor activity in gold there are signs of negative sentiment entering the market with Dennis Gartman announcing that he is “abandoning ship” on his positive gold outlook. Gartman, editor of the daily Gartman letter has had a positive outlook on gold for the past 3 years, so why the change? After hitting record highs a month ago, gold has struggled around the $920 mark with a fall to $910 only last Friday. While this is not necessarily cause for alarm there is a sense that the market for gold has gone eerily quiet. Gartman suggested in an interview for Bloomberg that he expects governments to step in to stop the rise in grain prices. Commodity market magazine suggests that there is a “worrisome de-coupling taking shape between the dollar and oil. In the same article global CIO of the Swiss bank Banque de Commerce et de Placements advised that it is “never a good idea to be contrarian to a national bank” referring to the decision by the Swiss National Bank to sell off their gold. Maybe it’s a little early to call an end to the bull run on gold, but the future is looking a little less certain today than it was yesterday, gold needs a rally and it needs one soon… post from www.goldpricecrash.com
  9. Goldpricecrash.com are running a poll to measure current sentiment on gold and it looks like the bulls are winning - just! anyone can vote apparently
  10. Any bets on how far the BOE will go on cutting the baserate today? www.baserateday.com
  11. Not the best advice?? why would anyone want to sell at a loss? Rents will inevitably increase, there will always be demand for somewhere to live. House prices would need to fall a hell of a lot to persuade people to buy now. www.baserateday.com
  12. I agree i can't see a rate cut of anything less than 0.25%, anything further would spread alarm particularly in the media who sieze upon such things as key indicators. Whatever they decide to do a recovery is unlikely until 2010. For now a winter of discontent is on its way and we'll soon be following the US into a property market crash, jobs losses will be the main topic of conversation by then. Two websites www.baserateday.com and www.p45now.com will be following these matters closely this year. There is already a cloud hanging over the banking sector with 10,000 jobs to go in London alone. Other sectors are not immune, with recession now a real possibility. With unemployment rising who will be able to afford the 5% deposit for a house? or for that matter who will risk commiting themselves to buying anyway?
  13. How much will a likely cut in the baserate halt the slide towards a houseprice crash? will a cut be as effective as last year's increases were in slowing price growth? we shall see. This issue is currently being discussed on www.baserateday.com
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