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  1. So I guess it's no use having an "X Factor" style show on the best Price Index! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_price_index_formulas Törnqvist Index would win hands down
  2. I can't believe there is not more comment on this one, nicely slipped in with this months ONS Inflation Statement. They will most likely change the way the RPI is calculated, changing it from an Arithmetic Mean to a a Geometric Mean, which is how the CPI is calculated. At a stroke 0.5% to 0.9% removed from the RPI. Pension liabilities reduced, wages reduced. Ohh they will probably change the way rail fares and student loans are calculated to NEW RPI +4% Why try and alter the RPI when they brought out the CPI to have a pan European harmonized measure, unless they want to banish all traces of the pesky measure! I hope they get plenty of public reaction when the so called consultation period opens. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/061ae1c8-018c-11e2-81ba-00144feabdc0.html http://www.professionalpensions.com/professional-pensions/news/2206274/ons-to-consult-on-revised-rpi-formulae-which-could-wipe-millions-off-scheme-liabilities
  3. I'm afraid even though I agree with what JD says, his style has become more eccentric over the years. Some media training would not go amiss. Sentence...pause...sentence Its like someone who is given 5 minutes of airtime every year and they are going to fit in every last word they can. It comes across as a bit ranting. Fair play to Money Box for having the debate in the first place. Always a good listen.
  4. It faces very nearly due south. Cover the roof in PV Cells and don't worry too much about the look of the place!
  5. has not set their status

  6. Hi I have been to Dublin in the last few weeks for the first time in a year and Yes it is noticeable. House price have fallen (a lot) Trendy bars are full (only at W/E's) and only in the City Center with mainly tourists. Suburban bars are having a terrible time. As for the cars, the lack of 4X4's waw noticeable from last time they must have all been on HP. Two years ago every second car had a brand new reg plate, now the all see to be 2007 and lower. The one thing that sums up Ireland's downfall is Fish and Chips (small portion) at a local take-away was Euro9.60 Until the country gets competitive again they are doomed to years of deflation/stagnation.
  7. Just a note about NS&I Tax free savings again... Picked up the leaflet in the Post Office to check the small print about RPI going negative. Saw this on Page 6 They gone on to say figures may vary..Now the CPI is 3.0% and the RPI is 0.1% This is a 3000% difference! Can I go to the FSA and claim I was miss-sold
  8. Do they have a national Rugby Team? They might even be better than Italy!
  9. Germany could buy or Lease the "West of Ireland" in return for writing off the country's debts. After all its virtual Deutschland-on-Sea over there. Seriously, just like Personal Debt/Corporate Debt, there has to be a "Moral Hazard" to a country getting itself into this sort of mess. No blank cheque bail out, there needs to be a fundamental lowering in living standards in the Republic and most likely in the UK too.
  10. 15th edition; I took mine out about a year ago. I'm sure it was 1.75%
  11. Quick Query... I have money invested with NS&I 3 year tax free savings RPI+1.75%=Interest Rate From the small print: Spoke to NS&I now (overwhelmed with calls!!) and they say; the lowest it will go is the 1.75% even if RPI is -ve Can't find where this is stated on the Web Site/ Booklet thingy, anyone know for sure?
  12. Could this be the reason the referendum is being brought forward??? Saw that rents have fallen by 12% in Ireland due to the glut of properties, so presumably all those new apartments were not needed. RTE Rent down 12% This will make more people default on their mortgages so increasing the pressure on the banks. I saw a report in the Sunday Times asking what can Ireland do now? One solution was for Germany to buy some Irish debt and so finance it at a lower rate.... So, an Irish Postman* owns an apartment in Berlin which is rented by a Doctor*, The Doctor is taxed to help Ireland and its over inflated economy...I think the world needs to have a reality check. *True, My Brother-in-Law
  13. How things have(will) change. I heard that baggage handlers in Dublin Airport are on 70,000 Euros
  14. Is there a link about Grattons? I can't find anything.
  15. Post 9th October Reply Today! Do you work on rail bridges in Scotland as well?
  16. Very sad but...you would think the web site would have been removed by now. Woolworthsgroup Careers
  17. RTE 5.5% of total exports! Business Week Is there not an upper limit in the Euro Cohesion Stability pact for current account budget deficits? Or has this been forgotten until they vote on the treaty again?
  18. Theo. With the well know high Street "Stationary" Firm.
  19. legacy rates for todays new low (1.00 GBP=1.02371 EUR) 1.00 GBP=2.00163 DEM (Germany) 1.00 GBP=6.71320 FRF (France) 1.00 GBP=0.806009 IEP (Ireland) 1.00 GBP=170.261 ESP (Spain) 1.00 GBP=1,981.42 ITL (Italy, that still sounds great!) Anyone for Bognor this summer?
  20. Didn't they do this in Argentina, semi nationalise the pension schemes. Maybe they will invade Belfast to take peoples minds off the economy I received a xmas card from the Republic today with its 82cent stamp on it. That's 70p! High prices, high wages economy, great while it lasted, but would you set up a factory there now?
  21. The ISEQ was 10,000 in May 2007 Now its at 2450 Oh Dear. The Irish version of Fiscal stimulus Put up Taxes/VAT/Income Tax. Don't you just hate when you don't have control of your own currency.
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