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  1. I know! It amazes me that people grow geraniums when in another part of the world thousands wear rubber.
  2. I've heard that brushing up on literacy skills can be rewarding.... There are plenty of books on your subject.
  3. Good because you're in for a rafter them. Oh joist!
  4. I don't see why not. All we have to do is stop feeding them quite so many chips.
  5. Because working in world beating industry is so non you. Learn to make films, become an Estate Agent or an Interior Designer. Whatever you do, if you are naff enough to work in industry for goodness sake call yourself an inventor.
  6. Or in other words, with trembling lower lip, "Why could it not carry on? Bring back Liz Jones. Hooray Phil Spencer! Stupid is good...."
  7. You do not exhibit the lateral thinking required from a good researcher.
  8. Tell her that the stagnant puddle of the public sector you find yourself in is about to dry out. That should do it.
  9. Wonderpulp, Hilltop and AZ must be on a Fabian Society nght out....
  10. Or is it that you don't like what people here say, and you think "workers' rights" sounds nice, so you thought you'd say it. Can we afford the current level of state spending?
  11. I get it. Because BA shrank, became an efficient and therefore a growing and successful airline for a long period of time, you assert that we need all the trappings of the nanny state that we have built up. All you're really saying is that you are sympathetic to the idea of an all encompassing and all expensive state. I admit I absolutely loathe and hate it, so I have no problem in coming up with a counter argument: we can't afford it.
  12. It is misleading, because you are pretending that houses are not a government controlled resource. They are - look at planning laws. If the government restricts the supply of houses as it does, it is liable for a lot more control work to make things function, including taxing empty ones heavily. You are either simple or disingenuous.
  13. No, no, I understood. I really did. There is no 5 year old version of what you are any more. There is not the need that there used to be. At all. That's why you don't go, and why libraries have ceased to be a place where you or anybody else experiences reading, and instead have morphed into another outpost of our newspeaking, risk avoiding, brightly coloured, singsong voiced, numb brained society. Still, you have a point. I could be wrong.
  14. You make the point that the efficiency of this spending could be improved as if that is a minor point. That's yer problem. The waste is big. I mean BIG!
  15. In other words, you don't use it like everybody else, so it should close. In my experience, libraries have turned into an all-inclusive brat fest. (readers excluded)
  16. It's always 'should' with you lot. I'd rather take responsibility myself, thanks.
  17. I think it's something to do with the yield on a capital sum having to provide the anuity. If you have low interest rates, you need a larger capital sum to provide the necessary annual pension payment. Edited to add - it's true. The only pot is what the treasury smokes. Ooh and another example provided this time by macca of obdurate refusal to face thruths. Instead, his lot talk about decency, fairness and they spit out the word 'Tory'. I'm not a Tory. I'm not anything political - but I can count.
  18. Nothing worse than a baby boomer. Except perhaps a baby boomer with an iPad?
  19. So you are angry about the dependency culture being dismantled. You wanted to pay housing benefit to keep the unemployed in swimming pools? Or are you just a child whose team isn't 'in'?
  20. Sorry, I have just cut my nails. I couldn't unpick it...
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