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  1. yeah I'm just negotiationing now, landlord wants 30 quid more a week Said no, wants 10 quid a week now Said no, Should find out in next couple of days. I have never seen so many properties for rent. Even the estate agent is getting pissed off with the landlord.
  2. Just been asked for a 30 quid a week increase in rent, Told them no way I'm paying a penny more. Lets see what happens
  3. Yeah I agree. Probably desperate to rent out their shitty Buy to Lets, and the Estate agents need to get their income else where since they can't shift property. My rent renewal is coming up and I'M NOT PAYING A PENNY MORE THAN I DO NOW.
  4. yeah I think the story is complete ********. I talked to an agent last week in Shad thames (tower bridge) and they told me it was taking up to 4 -5 viewings to rent and the asking prices were not achieved. Job loses in the city I guess.
  5. Move it into the Nationwide ISA Bond (6.15 %)
  6. I moved all my money out of the B&B last week. I now have 3 quid left in there. Seriously this bank is in trouble and until the tax payer takes it over I'd move out to be safe. Wouldn't even leave 35 K in there, you won't get it back anytime soon if it goes under. I think the gov might let it go under since it's loan book is much worse than the NR.
  7. I guess by the fact you are asking for advice that you are not sure about the property. If you are not sure don't buy. Property prices are only going in one direction for the next 2 years and that is down. Inflation, job losses, no credit, higher interest rates. Guess what happens next. CRASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  8. Guys, I'm thinking of placing my cash isas into a 1 year fixed rate cash isa bond with the nationwide (6.15 %). The money is covered by the 35 K guarentee but do ya think the nationwide is a safe bank ? Thanks
  9. Northern rock are offering 6 % aer on their esaver. Are they now the safest bank in the uk ?
  10. still no interest for may. Could just be a website problem ? Might just close out what I have left. I think there will be a run since I told my mum !!
  11. The abbey are paying 6.5 %. I think you can make one withdraw and not lose the interest. More than one and it goes down to 5.75 which won't both you if you are trying to get out of the bank. Just opened it. Not 100 % safe though. But which bank is. Just make sure you don't buy any bonds at the mo.
  12. I just logged in no problem. Just transferred all my money out to the nationwide. Left 1.5 K in. Think there has to be 1 k in the bank account to stay open. If all goes tits tomorrow I'll move the rest. I really think this could be the big one. At last !!!
  13. Just checked my account, they haven't added the interest for May. Time to get your money out ?
  14. I also work in a large Investment bank and it's quite normal for them to ask for you to take time off esp when they have posted such a huge loss. You are lucky to have milked it as a contractor for 5 years. Most banks kick you after 2 years so stop complaining, There is very little point looking at the mo since all the big banks have lost money and have frozen staff recruitment. My advice is just keep quite and hope you don't lose your job in dec. Usually they will tell you to reduce your rate and do other shit like overnight support or at worst go perm.
  15. Well even if they do well over the year they will use the slow down in the fourth quarter as a reason to reduce bonuses
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