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  1. That's drastic man Did you not know anything about it beforehand ?
  2. Men should wear a check sports jacket and a cap and preferably carry a walking stick with stickers attached
  3. How many people could point out exactly where zimbabwe is.on a blank map of the world ?
  4. Ribbed sounds like jovial banter - ripped into more like
  5. More by luck than astute financial management have I managed to avoid the housing bubble, and although reading this site for a year or so has taught me things and made me more aware. I still worry that not being very bright and encouraged/bullied by the media/family/friends/experts I will get caught up in future bubbles whatever they may be. And I won’t realise until it’s too late. Anyone else feel the same ?
  6. pdiddy is a play on words nickname that some friends gave me. I've seen pictures of the real Pdiddy but I'm not sure what he does and what he's famous for, and does he shop in Hobbycraft ?
  7. 'Big Brother' starts on C4 next week, If you don't watch it someone will label you middle class
  8. Yesterday for some reason I ended up wandering around ‘Hobbycraft’ (missus was in a clothes shop) on the Chester Greyhound Retail Park. It was giant shop full of the most useless overpriced tat I’ve ever seen. The shop was empty apart from a gang of bored sales staff. Surely these shops can’t last much longer. As for myself I decided at that point that I’m definitely going to get a life.
  9. I've got a Squier Supersonic (fairly rare) I'm saving for Gretsch, it could be a while though, I might add it to the mortgage Ho Ho !
  10. In a lot of 'celeb' interviews they mention that they have put the profits from their 'one hit wonder' etc into a prpoerty portfolio
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