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  1. As per topic title! Lots of interesting stuff on here about Greece, but dragging us back on topic... What will it do to house prices, and how soon?
  2. The spark had gone recently. Down to Earth with a bump sadly, but could they have put up a bit more resistance?
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/gilts/8524454/European-Central-Bank-threatens-to-pull-the-plug-on-Greek-lending.html How likely is this? One way or another it will have to default sooner or later?
  4. No-one wanted this. Tories: No Labour: Mostly No apart form their comedy leader-dweeb and some right-on Islington luvvies LDs: Not even them - Clegg says it;s a "miserable ittle compromise" Biggest no %age was form the North East, hardly a tory stronghold. So we get to keep the system which has produced mainly majority governments. Good.
  5. Exactly But my point is that's a long time when I am in my late 30s. If I wait 15 years I won't need a big house anyway, will just be me and the missus
  6. Had no intention of bringing anyone else down, sorry you interpreted it that way. This site is full of people who think the crash is coming next month, maybe the month after, always has been. No it ain't. BTW see above post and judge whether I am depressed (and I can also spell...)
  7. Nah don't feel for me, I am lucky. Got a great family, well(ish) paid job, and bought first house in 2000 so am much better off than an awful lot of poor [email protected] Did look for a while like I might be able to buy a big house for not a huge amount, but seems not, hard though it is to understand. Could be a lot worse though
  8. OK so I just realised I joined this site 3 years ago. And yet still this very day I read people consoling themselves that the Naitonwide figures aren't real, that the crash is just around the corner like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. yes yes yes the logic is on the side of the bears. But the facts and the reality are that there will now be no crash, just a long slow painful drawn out real terms fall in house prices over YEARS On the bright side in 3 years my mortgage has gone down to now only £26K thanks to heroic overpayments and tight-fistedness. Once it's down to zero I think I will have to buy a bigger house. You only get one life, can't spend it all on here and my kids are growing up, my son needs a bedroom bigger than him and a garden longer than half the distance he can kick a football. Can't hold out much longer, not going to live miserably just to make a point. :angry:
  9. Shame the administrators have had to call time, but it's a whisky business I guess. The creditors will be needing some clarety now.
  10. This is not news. Small diesel cars' aftertreatment is relatively expensive so small cars will indeed see a shift towards petrol over diesel, it;s already happening in fact. Large cars will remian diesel powered in the main. Particulates (the number of them, not the mass) from direct injection petrol engines will be regulated in time, possibly as soon an Euro 6 in 2014. Tiny particulates are probably worse than black soot, (as it's easier to clean up - almost all diesels have filters now). You heard it here first...
  11. CM23 Bishops Stortford 80/104 (+30% new) 270/384 (+32% total) WIth mortgage availablilty flat, this might mean the start of something..? been too long to get too hopeful
  12. I always pay mine off in full, but if you'd asked me, I would have assumed the minimum payment was at least 5% already. Surely at 1% equates to about 16.9% APR so you never pay it off anyway...??? Can;t believe £20 per month will tip many over the edge tbh
  13. So in order to stave off default (definition: not paying your debts) they are allowing them to , er, not pay their debts. But only for a bit. Honest guv... Would it not be better all round to get all this surely inevitable defaulting over with? The protracted bailing out of the bailouts is ridiculous.
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