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  1. I know that I have to keep up with many jabs, as we simply can't board our shops without them, as many countries do now need proof. Covid vax will be required for international travel for sure.
  2. Gas lighting at its finest.. None of us deny that it's a virus, and it can kill people, normally average age 82. But this is a tragic story. But it's sensationalised, the chanced of this happening are very remote. And it certainly didn't have anything to do with lockdown rules.
  3. Can I change my allegiance please. I would now like to support Denmark. Who have officially Said balls to covid. 7 days of protest and bobs ur uncle.
  4. No no free access. I believe some lines have like a Facebook and e mail package for free, but not for general browsing
  5. All we need to decide the mating rights is Acetone, bleach and some ice. Never failed me in the past.
  6. Yeah, a lot of us in the ships are excited about Starlink. Data isn't horrendous its 39.99 for 1 gb. That has Come down massively in the last few years though
  7. Yes, I noticed today that the BMJ have come out all guns blazing against the government and the lies, its refreshing to say the least. Dodgy testing, big pharma and plain lying about science
  8. Yes I want to sit inbetween @Peter Hun and @zugzwang @MonsieurCopperCrutchand @Confusion of VIs Think of all the fun we could have!
  9. Its surprising that no one wants to accept science anymore
  10. Tbh. Everytime a new ship starts up, they do shake down cruises, it's normally friends and family of crew members, that will pay a tiny price, like £50 a head for 3 nights.. A few cruise are running, and into next year, they will be operating under different restrictions, much like the pubs/restaurants in the UK
  11. I'm not surprised. https://www.aier.org/article/even-a-military-enforced-quarantine-cant-stop-the-virus-study-reveals/?fbclid=IwAR1oxWZkvFETf0km6FFrZSPMHaDqqsjVlK8oWqLhzWStw1oTbzZl9_04o_w
  12. I apologised a while ago here for liking one of her posts! Shew does have anti lockdown. Views!
  13. I'm 40...told u I had been investing in anti ageing! MK 677 and epitalon..
  14. Yeah, Internet at sea is prohibitive, but sadly no chance for a while!
  15. Actually I am trying my best! Let's make a few more lockdown babies.
  16. Thanks.. Yes took a break, although just got a wee bit busy with work! These parcels won't all deliver themselves!
  17. Owww Ta! I am off shagging later! I guess it's a bit illegal, but hey ho!
  18. HI Everyone.. Well it got me, I actually caught Covid 19.. I spent days in ICU, it was tough and go for a while. Turned out I forgot to take a Vit D Tablet on a Thursday 2 weeks ago and the rest is history.. Only messing, I've been working 2 jobs! Its been a wee bit mental! Got a bit of catching up to do, missed you all! Whats happened apart from the LFC blowing a huge hole in the PCR narrative? Oooh and Cummings, backing the Govt into the corner, and getting sacked Oohh and Even the BMJ calling out the Govt for the is lies.. Go
  19. This may be the first time, that I may have been correct in your eyes! Cwor, I think I deserve a beer for that!
  20. To all those here, hailing Germany as the ultimate Covid example of Europe.. They are locking down for 4 weeks. Sweden aren't.
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