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  1. Do you have the data for Clydesdale Bank and National Australia Group pls
  2. Hi Bill Yes I also noticed that in the 'Press'. I also agree with you that the majority of new properties still appear to be grossly overpriced (I would also argue that the majority of the older properties currently for sale are also over-inflated too), I am more and more convinced that the figure is around 30% over and above what I would call 'affordable' or would be prepared to pay. Looks like I might have to be patient in the York area.
  3. I am currently STR and waiting for houses to fall to more affordable levels. Just wondered if anyone else out there was keeping an eye on the York market. I have been monitoring since Summer last year and have not seen any significant falls, just lately however there are a lot more properties coming on the market and some reductions are being seen plus at least one 4 bed detached has now been reposessed and put to auction for £210K, (previoulsy £270K ish). In the local press yesterday there was an article saying that prices are and will remain very bouyat in York as the area is always insulated from crashes being a popular area to live, I thought this was a very sweeping statement (having said that it was a quote from an EA from Halifax) Any views welcome please Ralph
  4. I think I would have waited, that place looks a dump dude
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