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  1. you all assume that prices will continue to drop. they will not.. they will level off and alot of people will be kicking themselves for not taking a chance and buying a home now. in co.armagh things are starting to level off already and many have reduced their asking prices.. fair play they still have a small bit to go but just offer less than the asking price. think of how much rent you are paying.. average 500 quid a month.. that could be coming off your mortgage and you would have a home you could take pride in instead of making someone else rich by paying rent..... there is nothing like having a bit of pride in yourself.... not everyone is sitting in a position where they don't have a few quid in their pocket.. there are people who can afford to better themselves now. it seems to be forgotton on this forum that not everyone is a ftb..... but it is sites like this and the media that are knocking the socks off the housing market and preventing people from getting on with their lives. have you ever noticed that the news is always reporting bad news... never good..... they want the gore and they are posioning people.. (little dog found badly beaten -- terrible news-- makes people sit up.. its all over the news--- but little dog gets better and lives in lovely country home and sleeps in house-- we hear nothing of it.. ) there were floods last wk end -- terrible news -- but we won't hear how the people are doing in 3 months time... and did you notice there was no news of the economy or property market because media was dealing with floods. all they want is to report the worst and spread doom and gloom.. i spoke to first trust bank yest... there are mortgages availbale folks..... not bad deals either... go out and see for yourselves. if you would like to buy a home go and check out deals, speak to vendors and make afforadble offers. i have done it a few times and it works. bought a few houses myself recently. did one up with lick of paint an sold it for 10,000 more. most of the so called knowledgable folk on this site are people who are unwilling to step unto the property market. families get bigger kids want ponies, animals etc people move jobs and have to relocate, people get married too... etc houses will sell... once the media stop putting doubt in peoples heads because they have nothing better to report on, and all estate agents evaluate their prices and they are reduced (20-30%).. things will start going again... some properties have already adjusted their prices and its great to see, get out and research the market with positive attitude. instead to listening to people who spend all their cash on drink and posh food and can't seem to see the positive side to owning a home they can be at peace with and take pride in. grab a bargain now before the graphs on this site help you loose out on a positive future.
  2. No harm in a few people starting to buy - if these houses are selling below asking prices, they are simply driving expectations down for the rest of us. As these figures start to feed into the indexes, we will see the crash accelerate, further feeding the reduced expectations. see what i mean ... thinking of only yourself..... yes its great to see wise people starting to buy and get good value deals below asking prices. buying a house is not about the rest of you or anyone else it's about what makes an individual happy and what they can afford. Life is much too short to sit and wait on a dream. life is not about money either. if someone reckons a house is good value and well within their budget then they should buy. live life and DO NOT LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE. There are mortgages out there and good deals too. If you buy a house and are happy you won't be worried about the market you will be living your life. You could be dead tomorrow. There is too much negativity in this world and not enough positive thinking. BUY WHAT YOU DREAM OF AND WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD.
  3. Prices 'slashed on 90% of Northern Ireland homes' Estate agents claim now is time to buy Thursday, 7 August 2008 Northern Ireland estate agents today claimed that prices have been slashed on up to 90% of their stock. And the estate agents said the move is working, and bringing buyers back to the beleaguered local property market. Financial institutions are now the main obstacle for first-time buyers, it was claimed. And despite a tough year for the housing market, both BTWCairns and Templeton Robinson have had notable sales during July. Simon Brien, director at BTWCairns, said: “We have had our best sales period in the last few weeks which is quite something over the 12th holiday and a difficult market. We are quite surprised to have so many sales.” The estate agent sold two large properties recently for £2.4m each — one in Upper Malone and the other at Foxleigh Hall, Lisburn, both of which attracted several bidders. Simon agrees lower prices are bringing buyers back: “We have definitely seen a lot more activity at the lower and middle end of the market. Developers have reduced their prices so much they are practically at cost — they can’t go much lower.” And affordable prices have proved a winning strategy at BTWCairns Gardiner Square scheme on the Shankill Road/Peter’s Hill were 40 new homes were sold in five days. Prices here range from £90,000 for a one-bedroom apartment and £110,000 for a two-bedroom property. Thaxton Village in Lisburn has also proven popular with up to five sales a week. The homes here are also keenly priced from £185,000, according to Simon. “The summer has been the time people have stopped sitting on their hands waiting for prices to fall further,” said Simon. “They feel there is value in the market and now is the time to go forward and buy.” He added: “It is more difficult now to get a mortgage now than six months ago, but banks are working on new products and there may be funding possibilities for Co-Ownership which will help first time buyers.” Meanwhile, Michael Young, partner/director at Templeton Robinson said they had a good sales month, adding affordability was key to this success. Michael pointed out prices have fallen with sales being agreed some £20,000-£30,000 beneath the asking price: “Vendors are prepared to take a lower offer as long as they can afford the next house they are buying. “There are bargains to be had,” he says. “One seller has reduced the price of his King’s Road property from £600,000 to £450,000 — that has got to be a bargain.” He said while raising the 20% deposit was difficult for first time buyers, provided they have this and a guarantor they should get a mortgage. And Templeton Robinson has had a number of key sales in July, including a four-bedroom detached home in south Belfast sold for £850,000, while £950,000 was agreed for a family home in Bangor and a Stormont property in need of modernisation secured a bid of £500,000 after just one week on the market. Prices will not fall forever folks and now is definetley the time to buy if you can.. don't be put off by these guys who are running things into the ground and trying to put you off they are just talking about their own situation. Alot of properties have adjusted their prices to 2005 prices and now is the time to get that house you have dreamed of. offer what you think is a good price and buy your home.. there will be lots of negative replies to this post but look at things for yourself and you see how many houses have been reduced and believe it vendors are willing to accept lower offers than their asking prices, sales are up at the estate agents and people are starting to look again.
  4. i am in a very lucky position where i have bought a few houses outright with no mortgage.. i have one mortgage on a property which i took out for 10 years its nearly paid off now so as i said the rich get richer.. as for you not believing me .. that is not a concern for me... i am simply advising from my experience.... and i have made my money on property without knowing the first thing about property markets etc.. and without any fancy graphs.. i simply took chances and won.. what i say makes so so much sense.. as i always stress .. as long as its within your budget and you can afford it then go for it.. i am certainly not going to discuss all of my personal business with anyone.. either you believe or you don't.. but time will tell and you will be kicking yourself that you did not listen or take on board what i have said about making offers... i did it in the past ie 1990's it worked well for me... i make a good living from rent income.. and i have bought 2 more houses recently.. albeit the properties were for family and a friend... i have a few more of my crazy offers in on a few more properties to see what happens.. i am looking for one more property and thats me done..
  5. lot more sale agreed and sold signs up around me... prices were dropped by 30 - 40,000 and they are selling.. things are definetley moving.. apparently a lot more viewings taking place in my area and offers going in...
  6. lets look at things with a very sensible approach... everything is worth something..... if you see a property on the market and you really like it and really would like to buy it but its priced way way out of your budget or way over valued then don't sit back... there are a lot of desperate sellers out there and you really don't know each individuals circumstances and how desperate they are to sell their homes... go and make an offer within your budget... everyone is very good at saying that houses are over priced and saying that it would need to come down to such and such to be worth the money... why not go and offer what you think its worth... there are bargains to be had out there.. i bought a house recently well under the asking price.. the people are emigrating and had the house on the market for sometime .. i made them an offer they took a few days to think about it but they accepted... if you really want the house and plan to live in it for a long time then to heck with it go out and do someting about it. rent money is such a waste it really is making the rich boys richer... i know that because i rent out a few properties and i am getting more in rent than they would be paying for a mortgage on the property... i own it they don't.. it just makes me laugh. . if you want to be a home owner and can afford it then move now..
  7. i am not into guessing games i would rather wait and see.. i have bought 2 properties lately and have bagged 2 bargains.. its all about wanting it and going and getting it... lot more sale agreed and sold signs up around me... prices were dropped by 30 - 40,000 and they are selling.. things are definetley moving.. apparently a lot more viewings taking place in my area and offers going in...
  8. has anyone noticed that when someone posts something suggesting the market is picking up or something is posted which is good about the property market it gets totally ignored...
  9. labrador is not an estate agent, troll or anything out of the ordinary just someone who lives life to the full and does not get on like a daft idiot about the housing market. just someone who bought houses in 1990's and sold them last year an made a clean fortune so now has loads of cash lying around and is now buying houses again and going to make even more money.. believe it or not i have my head well screwed on.. (expect there will be childish comments on that one) so many silly comments and alot of huffing going on because someone posted a bit of truth on this forum.. don't listen folks to the people who are trying to put you off enjoying life go and make an offer for what you can afford and still live comfortably in your own wee house instead of making the rich men richer... thats me too ... rich and getting richer..
  10. prices will drop i agree there but if you think they will drop to less than 50% you are so so wrong.. at least i am continuing to live my life and do things that will benefit me in the long run.. if you truly believe a property is worth a certain price and you really want it then you are mad if you don't do something about it.. paying rent is throwing money away into the hands of someone who is having a great time and making money while you lose lose lose.. its about time people on this forum started to write some sense and stopped scaring people off from getting on with their life.. there is a lot of silly pictures and silly comments and no one talking sense .. all chatting thro their hats... people post questions and they are ignored.. there are so many people full of their own importance and really they don't have a clue what they are talking about.. i know i don't know as much perhaps as you guys think you do but at least i am being an adult and living my life -- we could be dead tomorrow.. all you do is frighten people because you are afraid to do someting yourself.. so imature.. there are bargains out there to be had and i believe the market at the minuite should be treated like an auction and we should be bidding for what we afford and below the asking price.. i got offers accepted below asking price and i know thw market will never go that far.. even if they continue to drop.. lets face it they are only dropping slowly and may continue to do so but you dont know for how long... neither do i.. but 50% wise up.... tell you what when i am rolling in the pounds in all my wee properties i am gathering up i will rent them out to all you people who did not have the whit to move on a nervous market... maybe if people joing the forum were informed what a bull and bear meant when on this site then they would know what to be.. does it matter anyway go out and make the crazy offers folks.. dont listen to these scare mongers... they are trying to damage the market ... bottom line is no one knows so just live your life.. buy the wee house of your dreams and live..
  12. Rics: Northern Ireland property to thrive in 2008 Property transactions in Northern Ireland are set to increase during 2008, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics). Average prices in the region fell by 0.2 per cent during the last three months of 2007, according to Nationwide, which led the lender to predict a four per cent fall in prices over the coming year. However, Rics now predicts the market will remain buoyant - with average prices expected to return to an upward trend during the next 12 months. Northern Ireland saw the highest annual house price growth in the UK during 2007, at 24.2 per cent – or £120 a day. "Northern Ireland experienced massive house price growth in 2006 and 2007 driven by a perceived lack of supply, a burgeoning economy and investor enthusiasm," said Tom McClelland, housing spokesperson for Rics Northern Ireland. "House prices grew rapidly from a low base, supported by increasing confidence in a society more at peace with itself and a strong jobs market." While growth is not expected to match the levels seen over the last two years, transactions will increase and the market will remain strong, according to Rics. "The market changed considerably during the course of 2007 and the new reality is a market where agents have to work harder to achieve sales and sellers have to be more realistic about asking prices," said Mr McClelland. He added: "We anticipate that transaction numbers will increase in the first half of 2008, supported by the recent interest rate cut and potential cuts in the coming months." Indeed, a slowing market could prove beneficial to some groups. "Ultimately first-time buyers could benefit from the change in the market. With investor activity having declined, there is less competition for properties in the sector of the market within the first-time buyer’s price range," concluded Mr McClelland. yeah i think some crazy offers are a great idea/ i just made one for my parents £175k under asking price !!! guess what !!!!! its been accepted... you guys are mad if you don't get in and do something now..... if you can afford the repayments then make the offers... i am going to make an offer on another property for a friend.. going to view it tomorrow... already seen it but want second view.. still looking for that house for myself with the field or paddock in co.armagh.. if anyone can help... prefer an older type dwelling/cottage type...
  13. no matter what life must go on and there are houses out there at good money ... and i still believe that if you want unto the property market then go and make an offer.. even if its ridiculously low.. you never know your offer might be accepted... if you do not try you will never know... maybe by doing so things might start moving again and all this doom and gloom will end.. i have spotted a property in co.armagh its over my budget but i am going to offer what the house sold for in 2005 and take a chance... its been on the market for a while.... Anyone know of other property in co.armagh wit a bit of ground to it that would be worth looking at and making an offer..... if your not in you can't win. i refuse to pay someone rent.. its wasted money.. no matter what anyone says... i am ready to buy .. i have horse so need the ground to keep him.. i can always build stables but i can't build a field .. so a field is a must.. lets try making some crazy offers and see what happens.... bet some will be successfull
  14. why is the spain prices so relevant in northern ireland... is this really good news for sellers in northern ireland.. think is topic got started by me as a new member who was not sure about the site.. an simply wanted to ask a question about northern ireland .. its not so bad to have something new now and again... not everyone reading and using the site is well up on the property market and hopefully i will be for just want simle answers to simple questions...
  15. why is the spain prices so relevant in northern ireland... is this really good news for sellers in northern ireland.. think is topic got started by me as a new member who was not sure about the site.. an simply wanted to ask a question about northern ireland .. its not so bad to have something new now and again... not everyone reading and using the site is well up on the property market and hopefully i will be forgiven
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