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  1. Interested to see the issue of property overvaluation being made a focus of the pre-election debate - link - http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-02-17/aussie-property-tax-perks-in-crosshairs-as-boom-locks-out-gen-y
  2. https://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/3882 Duly signed, like others there are some points in the petition that i am less keen on but overall i believe it is worth signing so that the matter can be given the debate it deserves.
  3. Nice to see that the annual figure has finally gone negative though :-) Annual -0.9%
  4. Average price £164,773 Change Monthly -0.2% Annual 1.5% http://www.landregistry.gov.uk/www/wps/portal/PrimaryWebsite
  5. 65 in my opinion as it fits with many retirement ages.
  6. Many jurisdictions allow what would otherwise be an infringement of a patent in circumstances of "private and non-commercial" use. Seemingly this would cover the scenario you suggest.
  7. Not seen this, but apologies if it has already been posted http://www.landregistry.gov.uk/www/wps/portal/PrimaryWebsite Average price: £152,497 Monthly change: -0.2% Annual change: -15.9% Next data out 28 July
  8. Well for those who might not have seen it first time round, heres the link. You Tube AB
  9. 'Hope this helps' .... yes thanks, I think this information and opinion is very useful. Thank you
  10. Thanks for you advice. These all seem like really sound points and i will bear these in mind. As a FTB it really helps to have more experienced people point out the potential pitfalls. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for the tips and advice. I'm doing the walk / drive by bit and also sitting nearby in a car with the windows open to get an idea of road noise. I agree that EAs would want some indication that i can proceed as and when i put an offer in. To be honest i can see the advantage in showing that i can move quickly / have no chain etc. To be perfectly honest, its nothing against EAs. I currently get no junk mail and i'm always very reluctant to give out personal details generally. Are EAs under an obligation not to pass my details on or do i have to specifically ask for this?
  12. 'Indeed it is, as another poster pointed out a completely ineffectual security measure and unfortunately, is information that is used and more to the point abused by Estate Agents' Can you explain what you mean by 'used and abused'? Do you mean unsolicited mail? Giving your contact details to morgage agents etc?
  13. Thanks for the info, i'll go with the work details next time. As i noted in a previous post above i would rather not give my home address. On a side note has anyone any experience of giving out their home address, specifically asking not to be contacted by mail and yet still getting post from the EA in question? 'Do people really see giving their address out such a big deal when viewing a house?' Provided that i knew 100% that this information would not be passed on to any third parties, that i knew 100% that i would only receive correspondence via email and provided that i can ring the EA at any time to ask for all my personal details to be removed from their system .... and this was carried out ........... then no i would have no problem at all with this.
  14. Would it be / have been acceptable to give my work address and contact details? On a slightly antaganistic note should i ask for the personal address and contact details of the agent who will be showing me round so as to alay any fears i may have about meeting a stranger in an empty house in the middle of nowhere?
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