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  1. Sorry, didn't realise we were in Dictionary Corner. Maybe if you typed at normlish (yes I know there's no such word) speed you'd make mistakes. Are you doing it with your teeth or perhaps you're brain is so addled from checking Rightmove for price reductions in your area it can longer function sequentially.
  2. Oh I see - how witty of you? Although you've lost me with troll? Have I strayed into fethist website?
  3. Not sure how to respond to that. Maybe the pipe you're refering to as a pencil is I don't know a .... humming bird!!!
  4. Yes, but not nearly enough. Forget 5billion. Make it 30 billion and it'll unblock some pipes.
  5. Hey Melvyn you're back on. The English language is fluid. ******** to grammar. Ever read Ulysses. Come to think of it you look a bit like Joyce in your photy.
  6. Minority. Don't. kid yourself. Last month month maybe. Three month's ago certaintly. Not any more. Read the papers this morning. Like it or not you're little cult just got mainstream. You're all swimming in the same direction. Does that tell you anything? We've all caught up with you. Exceot you've been overtaken. Somewhere out there I bet there's another little site sprouting roots. Housepriceboomagain. the crash has happened. it's over. Now it's the heave back up the slope to recovery. Time to buy boys if you got the balls.
  7. Tescos 2pc beer, don't knock it. And I got clubcard points! Anyway see you're all up to your old tricks scaring each other witless. If you weren't writing about house price crashes you'd be writing about meteorites crashing into the docklands. So you all think that the Governor and the government are just going to sit back the year before an election and watch the housing market and hence the economy go down the tube just because inflation is above it's medium term target. Be serious. There's politics to play here. The BoE will allow banks to use mortgages to be repackaged as securities as the Fed has done as the ECB has done and on the basis of this it will loan them wonga. The inter bank rate will fall, the banks and BS will lend money again. the credit crunch will sound like a Cadbury's snack bar in five year's time. Nobody will even remember it. Except maybe you guys. The worst is over, it's time to get in there and reap the rewards you've all been waiting for. It's hilarious that you can't see it.
  8. me too. The flats are all over the place. I bit like Mr Monk. I suggest you buy as many as you can carry. fill your boots. It's a trolley dash.
  9. Actually Mr Monk I'll pass for now - what I'll do is wait seven years in the hope that you're friend from Niegeria offers me even more than a couple of million.
  10. Well Mr Monk, if I can call you that, if you have anticipated this for several years then let me ask you - why if you knew so much didn't you buy. A few years ago if you'd bought and sold you would have made a fortune. Yet you waited. You have been waiting Mr Monk haven't you since probably back in 2001. You have been waiting and waiting. and now there's a small drop you are willing it to be bigger so you can be proved right, so you can feel better about waiting and missing the boat when you did. Mr Monk you ballsed up, Mr Monk make it right. Buy now. Stop waiting. Don't make it any worse. At least you can recoup the last couple of years of hanging about. Mr Monk, stop panicking all these others to make the same mistake you did. That's not fair. Mr Monk, i actually just wanted to say Mr Monk one more time. That's it, mr Monk
  11. Now that's naughty. You're not reading my posts now. I own no flats. I am buying flats though and encouraging through goodwill you all to do the same. I have no axe to grind and I'm not 22 either. Far from it. as for the lemondae shandy, well maybe on a hot day. It makes me worry now you HAVE never had any fun.
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