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  1. I've noticed more and more desperate-sounding emails from Tory HQ in my private email recently (I signed up for a poll they were running, that was trailed on here, to tell them where to get off - and now they seem to think I''m their best buddy and want to hear from them all the time...) which seem to be getting more and more strident / panicky. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into the content, I dunno. Last week I had Grant Shapps wanting me to donate £20 for a mug, now some young (presumably made-up) young woman inviting me to sign up for "Team2015," now that they've realised the election is upon them, and "it's really important..." I bet it is important - they want another five years gorging at the trough and lining up cushy post-parliament jobs in banking. I wonder if they're starting to get the message that their core vote really HAS turned against them, town by town and family by family, and that they are the ones who are fooked come the election? B
  2. Because most of their candidates and policies are loony, tree-hugging, bike-clip-wearing shite, that might be tewwibly earnest and well-meaning, but won't attract the critical mass of the Wail-reading classes that will give LibLabCon a bloody nose. I agree that there's no guarantee that we'll get anything different, but as TCON says, voting UKIP at the next election is about making a statement. Not only that, but if they get to any decent number of seats they're going to have to work out what they stand for, and what their policies are, and they're malleable and disorganised enough to be influencable at that point or maybe before. You just can't say that for LibLabCon. The only response to any communication I've ever had, from my so-called "elected representative" Jeremy Rhyming-Slang, is the kind of fob-off, "there there little prole" sh!t that you see coming out of Grant Shapps' office. So no, Mr Whatever-Cabinet-Job-You've-Weaseled-Into by the election: for the first time ever i'm voting totally against you; I'm going to be campaigning like b*ggery for UKIP; and I dream of having my own personal Portillo Moment when SW Surrey kicks your disgusting incompetent ass into the long grass in 2015. THAT'S what it's about. Illogical? Possibly. The only way to make a real statement? Highly likely. B
  3. You're a pathological poster of press clippings, coupled with an endless stream of mindless drivel, sarcasm and general sloblock. As the next poster says, it's entirely possible to earn that kind of wedge in and near London, and be not a fat lot better off than some benefits drone. Mind you, with your posting rate it's hard to know how you hold down any sort of "proper" job, and have any idea of what reality looks or feels like. I can't help hypothesising that you're either a full-time lobbyist or troll, and clearly have neither. Many of your postings certainly suggest either or both. Kno8 B
  4. Precisely. They have the chance to be ruthlessly selective, but their results are little better than elsewhere. All "selective" seems to mean in Farnham schooling is "never mind the quality, feel the width (of Mummy and Daddy's wallets)" The State school results are not far off, results-wise, despite the fact they are obliged to take all sorts of undesirable filth - you know, kids whose Mummies and Daddies aren't bankers / lawyers / consultants... kids who have been brought up by their own parents, rather than a Polish nanny in a two-income household where the parents are never home...kids from - heaven forbid, and please have social engineering keep us from such garbage - more challenging backgrounds, and maybe (OMG, set the dogs free Charles) WITH SPECIAL NEEDS.... You know, all those kids who in the future will make up the majority of the population - and whose contribution to the school community, in terms of being part of the fabric and ensuring ALL the students get a proper grip on what life is REALLY like - is incalculable. But which is totally missing from EA/Banker/Lawyer infested enclaves like Lord Wandsworths. Have to say I am eternally grateful this dick in the article, his naff self-promoting wife, and smug-looking kids, are nowhere near my family and my children. Now THAT would be what I would call "social pollution." Have a neat weekend everyone. B
  5. Epic fail on all counts. The private schools in Farnham are definitively second-rate compared with the state schools - there are top-ranked Academy schools from primary school through to the start of sixth form, and then decent options from there. That's why it's so frickin' expensive!! At £120K p.a., he's right at the bottom of the earnings ranks for other parents who will be sending their kids there - so not only is he going to find parent's evenings pretty uncomfortable, he's also now marked out his kids for bullying by the rest of the little sh!ts who go there whose parents have told them money is everything. He'd have been far better off spending that cash moving to the "right" bit of Farnham. Sure, he wouldn't have two acres in The Sands, or some other "posh but out of catchment area," ghetto, but having a decent quality of life, and perfectly normal and respectable (but not snooty) mates for all the family would have made up for that in a heartbeat. Being a Farnhamite I know plenty of people this age group who send their kids to LW - mostly EA's, bankers, lawyers etc who don't want their kids to rub shoulders with the hoi-polloi; it's all about snobbery and bragging rights. And, unfortunately for the kids themselves, you couldn't meet a more snooty, socially-incapable and hubristic bunch - growing up in the exact mould of their "Top 2%" parents, and behaving like a right bunch of c***s to boot. God help them if the jobs their parents are hoping they'll slip into, when they're old enough, have been outsourced to India (lawyers / accountants,) or made obsolete by the web (EA's etc) by the time they graduate. They're going to get utterly slaughtered by the kids from S Farnham, Weydon, and the local sixth form colleges - who are by and large as bright as buttons, well-balanced, and hard-working, and who haven't been brainwashed into believing they are the Chosen and the Entitled. And most of whom wouldn't be seen dead in LW, Charterhouse, Salesians etc - EVEN IF they got a full scholarship on academic or sporting grounds. So, not content with such a litany of poor decisions (jeez - I hope his judgement at work is better, if he's in Compliance!!) he then decides to put his mug in the paper, bitching and whining, and making a laughing stock of his entire family in what is a pretty small and unforgiving little Hampshire town. I had to go back and check it wasn't a made-up Wail story, because it simply didn't add up on so many levels. Ho-hum. B
  6. Their future does not equal ability to get a mortgage if it does then sadly you imposed a very restricted little Englander (or little Brit ) view on them - Nope. Fortunately you know nothing of my situation except what your narrow prejudices tell you. So completely wrong there. This is a fantastic country even now if you are hard working and ambitious you can get on. Indeed. What I've also found, what my two eldest children have already found, and what one of them proved beyond all doubt this afternoon. You'll hear of him in the future, but I'm not breaking anonymity here and now if only to protect him and his siblings. The question you have to ask yourself how have you helped them in a non monetary sense? More than I can be arsed explaining to you here. My conscience is clear. Have you encouraged them to study hard ? Yup - academically, musically, sportingly and socially - and they are all doing fine. But thanks for your concern which they don't need. Work from an early age ? Again, yes. One of them is ranked #1 in the UK in a very competitive discipline. Has worked like a trojan in that field (supported completely by his family, to the detriment of a lot of other things,) since the age of 7 Have you developed a network of friends and associates that could get them work experience or the first step in a decent job? Do you know what - you're starting to sound like a right preachy, condescending c**t now. Err - yes. Do you have kids, and if so have you done the same? Although frankly I can't see anyone wanting to marry a supercilious tw$t like you, and continuing the existence of your DNA No I thought not you have just endowed them with the words 'never' and 'no future' and believe me if you are writing it on here you are saying it in your household - daily. QED. You know f**k all except the narrow prejudices in your own head. I've read quite a few of your posts over the years and thought "[email protected]," and now I feel pretty secure in that assessment. Adios amigo - i have a family to bring up, and trust me I don't need the help of a pompous cyber-SuperNanny
  7. LOL - I know what you mean! 49 - dunno if that makes me a boomer or not. Even if it does technically, having lost the first house to divorce, and started again in rented in the late-thirties, I don't know that I fit the bill of child-eating equity-rich NIMBY guzzler that most on here would probably assume I am. Was lucky to get a second chance, and the three youngest are still all pre-teen, so was prepared to sacrifice quite a few things to get them and the second Mrs B out of the sh!tstorm that was renting. if you read some of my older posts you'll get the picture - former landlord is going to end up over at www.c*ntscorner.com one day, when I can be bothered... (Oh f**k, someone will now think I said "all I wanted was a home" and now want bailing out or something. Never mind, maybe they'll read the post again after throwing more bile at me ) Hey ho. It's nearly the weekend. B
  8. You know all of them do you, smartstuff? Well there's one mortgage-holder, right here, with four kids who currently will never be able to afford a house, who will vote for any party that will bring the whole thing tumbling down. I'll end up with zero equity, maybe even negative, but it will be well worth it to know my children have some sort of future. So stop spouting unsubstantiated sloblock and unfounded prejudices, and search out some facts for a change. Ironically, your handle seems to say it all really. <rant mode off> Actually, no offence intended to you personally, but this kind of sweeping statement on here irritates me, because I'm sure many others on here feel the same way as I do, just like the people polled in the survey. Cheers for now. B
  9. Wow. It's been quite a while, since a thread morphed this rapidly into a pointless and truly tedious sh!t-slinging contest of this magnitude. "Smyth" joins "Injin" on my very short "Ignore" list...
  10. Fair point, and I admit I missed it on the BBC2 listings so "Derr" to me Then again, putting it on the second BBC channel still feels like part of the constant dumbing down of the agenda in this country; I was looking for it and didn't see it - far be it from the state broadcast channel to risk educating the Jeremy Kyle generation, when there's bread and circus sh!te to be transmitted.. :angry: B
  11. I fancied listening in online while working, so schlepped on over to BBC Online to check it out live. Economically, a relatively important day in the country's outlook. And what's on the BBC? F**KING "BARGAIN HUNT" - that's wot... No wonder this country is in such a sh!tty state. The UK population really is the biggest bunch ignoramuses on the bloody planet, aren't we? Can't wait for the to make the TV licence non-compulsory. Why we have to pay to watch mindless sh!t like that, the good lord only knows. Now, courtesy of ITV, I might get to see what the posh gormless d!ckhead has to say for himself. B
  12. "Scumbag Letting Agents Encourage Already-Rich Rentier Filth to Rip Off Paying Customers..." Nothing to see here. Move on. But make sure you don't go near a company sounding like "Pouthern Sroperty Management," or you'll get the same treatment. Utter c**ts. The lot of them. The sooner an act is passed to put them out of business - or severely rein them all in - the better. B
  13. Precisely. Farnham Town Centre - previously a fabulous little Georgian market town - is dying on it's ar$e, due to the total stupidity of Waverley BC. Too busy swapping little brown envelopes with developers, and operating a revolving door policy from the Planning Department to Arcadia et al, possibly? These people have absolutely no idea - just short-termist ideas about how to "balance the books" in the next few months. Result? It's now full of EA's, charity shops, and the obligatory "every dying town must-have" - an uber-tacky Sports Direct, in permanent closing down mode. Nice job. Jeremy Rhyming-Slang, the 'Elf Secretary, must feel right at home in the midst of such incompetence... B
  14. Web portal that makes millions from clickthroughs, and commissions from peddlers of financial filth.... Says "clickthrough, and buy financial filth from our peddlers..." Whodathunkit? Is there any f**ker in this country that is trying to screw the rest of the population over to make a quick buck? We're starting to make the "Merkins" look like a bunch of values-driven philanthropists
  15. +1 What's the app called please? Can see myself having fun with that one, when Mrs Buzz is dragging me round the shops at the weekend. She'll only do it once!!
  16. B2B Consulting in a specialist niche. 20 staff and 5 Contractors across EMEA. Sales already up 400% on last year; revenues up 30% YTD (and last year was 35% up on 2011;) % EBIT down a bit, but solely due to investments in long term growth plan. 99% of our revenue is derived from Europe and Middle East, in places where what we do is valued - and where companies and/or governments have plenty of ambition to improve, and are sufficiently long-termist to find the budget to do it. We do pretty much f**k all here in the UK. That's not just because of the recession - it's always been like that. We don't do anything related to banking, selling each other over-priced houses, making spurious PI claims, or short-term lining of troughing CEO's pockets, so there's not much for us here anyway, even in the good times. The only reason I'd not want to see this country burn to the ground, tomorrow, is that my family all live here and are likely to need to in the future. Otherwise I'd happily put a match to the whole stinking edifice... B
  17. That Tory Councillor was either a ramping, slimy turd of a VI, or a typical brainwashed Brit idiot. Pwoperty ladder this, pwopert ladder that. What an absolute f***ing ar$ehole, and pretty much a summary of why this country is such a pointless dump. :angry: How can we find out what his VI is? It's a shame councillors aren't as easy to search out as MPs on They Work for You.. B
  18. If you think that's bad, then whatever you do don't go ANYWHERE NEAR Sh!thead Property MisManagement (I assume you know who I mean.) We rented through them for three years, and they are the most unpleasant, arrogant, hubristic bunch of total sh!ts you could ever imagine coming across. Treated us like dirt; tried to stitch us up left right and centre with additional fees every year (we just refused to pay them,) and then colluded with the landlord in ripping us off royally (AKA "helping himself to our deposit like it was some sort of sweetie jar he was entitled to,) including trying to charge us hundreds and hundreds of pounds for some minor damage, when the maximum chargeable under the contract was his insurance excess. Not once did they explain to him what was in the contract, and it ended up going to the arbitration service where (surprise surprise) they found exactly half-way and we lost a load of money. And they just stood back and - on one occasion - laughed at my wife when they had wifully reduced her to tears by their rudeness. It was abundantly clear the landlord was their sole interest, and as individuals we were nothing more than a minor irritation in their tried and tested process of emptying our bank account into theirs, as fast as possible. Every time I pass their office I'm tempted to go in and crap on one of the desks - but then I'd be lowering myself to their level, and no doubt TPTB would bang me up for it regardless of the endless provocation. Ba$tard$. Utter Ba$tard$ B
  19. Anyone but our sitting MP, Jeremy Rhyming Slang. If only to get the smug prat kicked out of whatever Ministerial Post he's now failing in, after moving on from "Kulcha." Not holding my breath though - way too many coffin-dodging old farts around here, who will do anything not to have to "give away" the five-bed Edwardian piles that they bought for a fiver thirty years ago... B
  20. http://blogs.telegra...e-real-patriot/ Funny how this **** never gets trashed in the press. IIRC Virgin Group Holdings is in BVI, along with most of his personal wealth. Starbucks? GET THE PITCHFORKS Google? GET THE PITCHFORKS Branson and Virgin? Not to mention other rumours and allegations, that would make the press in a flash if it was anyone else - even if they were later found to be untrue. But no - not "our" (yeah, do f**k off!) "favourite entrepreneur..." Seriously, WTF is this all about, and just what pictures of which editors does someone have? B
  21. Sorry, but this is utter sloblock. People need to stop resorting to uninformed generalisations. There are plenty of truly great state schools, with visionary headteachers, who are just as capable of offering opportunities for kids to develop "life-defining skills" within the state system. Take two of our local schools for example; South Farnham and Weydon. Both state schools; both truly excellent in terms of what they deliver. Admittedly, South Farnham's a bit up it's own ar$e from a leadership perspective, but go down the road to Weydon and the headteacher John Winter deserves a knighthood for what he's doing down there. He's a guy who knows far better how to inspire real kids, than any over-entitled kno8 at some private school over-run with foreign borders and rich kids. In fact, these days round here if you send your kid to any of the private schools, bluntly you pay a premium for a lesser education, just for the snob value of "going private," which is rapidly taking on the mantle of "being a dick" locally. There's some really good stuff out there. If we listen to ex private school kno8s, telling us we're all inferior in the media, then frankly we deserve all the self-esteem problems we end up with. Grow a pair, Britain
  22. Feel free to spill the beans on the name and contact details - xxxxx xxxxxx is really not very helpful.... Lots of us out here would be very happy to provide them with similar guidance, without of course mentioning your email or having it look orchestrated. Or - alternatively- book in for a load of viewings to keep their boss happy B
  23. That, my friends, tells you all you need to know. Unpleasant, hubristic and pompous gobbets of slime. Can't wait to see the day the web puts their High Street presence out of business for good. Another charity shop would be a delightful alternative.... B
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