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  1. The UK is already the most genericised drug market in Europe bar Germany. Most doctors prescribe by generic name, which cuts costs considerably, and there are penalties for choosing the brand name over the generic. For branded drugs, pricing is technically free under the Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme (PPRS). However, in practice there are price limits imposed by bodies such as NICE as well as through the usual negotiations between providers and the drug companies. So the NHS is already doing a pretty good job of cutting the drug bill. But of course any company that can address an unmet need with a new treatment (for example, in cancer) will still make a great deal of money in the UK.
  2. Yes, he could have had 200K in equity by the time he was 40.
  3. Yes, that way he could have had 200K in equity by the time he was 40.
  4. Britain Faces ‘Miserable’ Years of Austerity, says millionaire investment banker
  5. How about a historical parallel here? The Chartists had six million signatures on their petition calling for rights for the poor in the 19th century. It was rejected on the pretext that a few of the signatures were fake. That's a dozen or so fake signatures out of SIX MILLION. And what do we have today? The most serious political and economic crisis in thirty years -- and a petition gets 50,000 signatures, mostly from juvenile little tw@ts. It's pathetic, considering what our forefathers fought for. http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/victo...artist_02.shtml
  6. Current news story + website obsession = truth. In this case, sadly not.
  7. The real is strongly linked to commodities, and Brazil is recession right now. Dumbass currency speculators can't tell the difference between Brazilian iron ore and demand from China. There is a lot more to Brazil than that. IMHO you'd be better off buying into Brazilian banks - for example the bigger ones like Itau and Bradesco. That way you'll benefit from high local interest rates, low subprime exposure and Brazil's relatively strong economy. That's my hunch, anyway - but I'm not qualified to give financial advice.
  8. Just to give some perspective on La Toynbee's long history of service to the Labour party, here is some vintage journalism from the General Election of 2005: I particularly like the part about urban regeneration
  9. Why not buy an attractive apartment in the upscale neighbourhood of Morumbi, for example?
  10. Would this be the same Churchill who defected to other parties whenever he felt like it?
  11. +1 Anyone who chooses money over kids will lead a barren life. They are the sort of people who, for want of anything better to do, spend their evenings watching obscure plays in Islington.
  12. Buggers Broadcasting Communism.
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