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  1. Just had my second shot of AZ at the drop in centre. They explained that I can get the NHS app which will then link it to my vaccination record, which will be good as it would effectively be a "vaccine passport" if I need to travel and certain countries aren't letting in unvaxxed people, which I guess a fair number won't.
  2. Ah, so it's a strawman... Let me add a match to it.
  3. Quite right - and no one is suggesting that that right be taken away from you. It is available to you, free of charge, however.
  4. And given that Johnson has no intention to make it mandatory in the UK, he clearly isn't speaking literally. As M. Copper Crutch states above, it can only be interpreted as making it as widely available as possible, especially to developing countries who may struggle to buy sufficient numbers or who make lack the internal infrastructure to to administer it. And given that children are not included within the UK's vaccine population, he absolutely did not mean literally vaccinating 100% of people on the planet. This is obvious. So no need to post the link again - it does not show what you would like it to show, except at an utterly superficial meme-level reading.
  5. To be precise, you said you were amazed by the numbers seeking to vaccinate the whole world. I challenged you to name five, but you have failed to name one.
  6. Who said we were going to vaccinate 100% of the world's population?
  7. Because you keep on asking "are you 100% certain" as though it is some clever gotcha question, so I will keep answering it. It is in fact one of the first strategies in the anti-science disinformation book developed by the tobacco industry: Lawyer: "Doctor, can you be 100% certain that the reason that this man has lung cancer is as a result of smoking" Doctor: "No, but..." Lawyer: "I rest my case" And regarding the "amazing" numbers in favour vaccinating the world, can you name five? Let's start at one.
  8. Well, I don't know about children, but adults can have up to 12x the prevailing rate of CO2 for up to 8 hours (0.5% vs 0.04%). Obviously I wouldn't want to extrapolate this too far to children. I see that in Germany the maximum recommended is also exactly the same as is found in a closed room, although the reason for this number is unclear, although it sounds arbitrary, and the report's authors don't delve any further into this. As for education, there is no recommendation in primary schools in my borough to wear masks - children and teachers. And my daughter's secondary school they only reintroduced a requirement recently to wear them in corridors. Perhaps some schools are being over-cautious on this. I am in favour of them relaxing this stance. I am also unaware of any child getting sick as a result of increased CO2 from wearing a mask.
  9. I am not one of them - I don't propose vaccinating 100% of the world's population. You need to be able to name one before you can name 5 - and failing there so far. But you believe that there is an amazing number - thousand ? a million? how many? This is why I am starting with 5, as I am not aware of anyone.
  10. Really? Name five. I can't name one. As I said (several times - are you trolling now?), you can't be 100% certain of anything, but we do know that viruses mutate, sometimes in a way not necessarily to our advantage.
  11. Much smaller chance than the chance of the COVID-19 mutating into something more virulent and lethal. We've been vaccinating for over 200 years - it is hardly random science, but a very developed one. In one way or another, we teach our immune system to recognise the characteristics of the virus and to develop antibodies to resist it. For all the faux panic about it being an experimental vaccine, the chances of something going wrong on a large are too remote to worry about.
  12. Luckily children aren't asked to wear masks for extended periods.
  13. Didn't look that old to me - late 50s perhaps
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57610998 Glad to see this being addressed - as we have seen, poor statistical skills are very common among anti-vaxxers
  15. You really have the bit between your teeth on this, although several people have addressed this notion already. No one can be 100% sure of anything. We could be living in the Matrix. And none of us are ever 100% that the plane we board won't crash. There are small risks, so cannot be 100% sure, but we can make ourselves sufficiently comfortable to deal with the small risks.
  16. As long as it winds up anti-vaxxers, I'm for it. But yes, my tongue was firmly in my cheek. Although mass dog vaccination of dogs for rabies could save most of the annual 60,000 people who die of rabies each year in developing countries.
  17. As the vaccination programme has been incredibly successful in halting the pandemic, I guess we should welcome this.
  18. I thought cases went down in India because of the effectiveness of lockdown, which in turn led to fewer deaths. Ivermectin is I believe a potential cure (unproven) but was not administered to those who did not infected. https://healthfeedback.org/claimreview/no-data-available-to-suggest-a-link-between-indias-reduction-of-covid-19-cases-and-the-use-of-ivermectin-jim-hoft-gateway-pundit/ In reality, deaths peaked on 23 May, and new cases peaked on 6 May. India has had a mortality rate of c.1%, which is fairly consistent with much of the rested
  19. Could I 100% guarantee that the cup of tea I just drank hadn't been laced with cyanide? No, but I drank it anyway.
  20. I am keen to find out too - was there a bad car accident or terrorist attack? It doesn't give causes of death. You want to imply that it was the vaccine, of course. Perhaps it was, but the evidence is lacking
  21. The great things about being fit is that you get to live to an old age. You only know who's really strong by seeing who is still alive.
  22. Let's hope you're wrong, but 150 is not implausible. But beyond getting vaccinated, what can we do? We can't lock down forever and we will probably never eradicate the virus - let's hope it mutates into something that is harmless.
  23. Even at our unvaccinated peak we never even reached half of that number, so 150,000 seems most unlikely. I think it unlikely that deaths will significantly exceed 100 a day.
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