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  1. A whole host of reasons. In part you have the growing anti-science movement within the Republican Party, that has grown because of climate change - it is now practically impossible for anyone with a publicly stated concern for climate change to get on a Republican ticket. Evangelical Christianity is another big problem, and makes up a large chunk of Republican support - these people are more likely to have a fatalistic attitude to life. Donald Trump was also highly sceptical from the start, and that attitude clearly infected a lot of his followers.
  2. I agree - the numbers don't necessarily seem to reconcile - I would initially think something like 90% given that the USA is behind us in vaccination, but not that far. However, this may look back at a wider pool of data going back in time, rather than a point in time. So perhaps it means that actually among more recent deaths, the proportion of vaccinated deaths is a lot higher, and 99.2% is a weighted average, but he did clearly say "recent". In another article, it notes that in some areas, particularly in the South, there are very low rates of vaccination, so that may be why.
  3. Sorry - forgot that as a deluded conspiracy theorist you think that leading scientists tell obvious, bare-faced lies on a regular basis. It is of course far easier for you to dismiss facts that don't fit your narrative as "lies" rather than make a proper assessment of the broad evidence. Your brain must be a very comfortable yet disturbing place.
  4. But not in the USA at the moment: https://news.yahoo.com/more-99-recent-covid-deaths-162952585.html More than 99% of recent COVID deaths in US involve unvaccinated people, a 'sad and tragic' situation, Fauci says: Today's live updates
  5. He can't help himself. He both dismisses as an illness and welcomes it as a killer of the sick and weak.
  6. Certain people on this thread have shown over and over again that it is possible more stupid than you can possibly imagine. And they are quite proud of the fact.
  7. Oops. Damn buttons are too close together. Unless I missed a whole war.
  8. For some things, truth is not an opinion, it is a matter of fact. You can for example devote an entire career to the underlying causes of world war 2. You cannot argue that it didn't exist. On the former, people can make up their minds as to the root causes, but there is no making up your mind as to whether there was a war - we know there was. Consistently pushing false narratives and pretending there is a debate when there isn't is a classic play for the disinformation industry.
  9. There's se circular reasoning to your "I know it's on Bitchute but...". There's a reason other platforms don't host it - it's nonsense. But Bitchute don't discriminate between truth and dangerous lies.
  10. My point was that these people clearly have some level of inventiveness and creativity, so should use their skills in a more positive way. And being academically gifted is not the only thing - there are lots of ways people without academics succeed.
  11. Perhaps if these people used their inventiveness more positively, they wouldn't be in such indescribably dull jobs.
  12. I think the idea is that a 50% false negative is better than a 100% false negative of not testing at all. There are designed for symptomless people, so if half of those infected get alerted, it's better than nothing.
  13. Really? I didn't know that. I don't really have people like that in my personal circle, but I could imagine being tempted to fake a positive test if I had some kind of tedious manual job. I assumed that if you had a positive lateral flow test then you needed to go and have a PCR test, as lateral flow tests are not considered that accurate. I actually thought the advice was to get a PCR following a positive lateral flow test. Either way, I don't think it is a material issue.
  14. Glad there's sound thinking about getting international travel going again. There's going to be very few people who don't fall into any of these categories.
  15. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/quarantine-to-end-for-people-who-have-been-double-vaccinated-dtb7rbtb5 In the clearest sign yet of ministers’ plans to replace virus restrictions with a focus on personal responsibility, they intend to drop all legal requirements on those who have had both jabs if they encounter a confirmed case. Makes sense.
  16. That's not going to happen. The man is a giant.
  17. A mix of "Viking warriors and Spartan troops". What utter ********. You are more likely to have Scandinavian genes, but I think that imagining you are descended from "Spartan troops" is somewhat absurd. Of course we are all related to a Spartan troop, but then again, we are all likely related to Charlemagne, so this means nothing. Interesting that you suggest that intelligence has some racial genetic background. Doesn't surprise me coming from you and your natural narcissism.
  18. People who attach a kind of moral self-worth to their fitness are usually amoral sociopathic narcissists, particularly when it comes to how much more deserving they are to life than others who aren't physically their preening equals. (Speaking as a 6 foot 12 stone man who manages to just about find the time to do an hour's running or rowing a week).
  19. Statistically that would be very unlikely given that it is a disease that mainly effects the elderly and inform. And not many top athletes die of cancer either. But that doesn't mean we don't fight cancer.
  20. Cheers! I think it is a bit too soon to order mine, but I will as soon as possible.
  21. That's excellent news for the unvaccinated and presumably with only modest inconvenience, although according to some armchair PCR experts, they are so inaccurate that the healthy will end up showing as infected.
  22. I think as we get to the end of the year, cases will be really pretty low, so most countries will relax on international transfer, but for a year or two, will only accept those who have been vaccinated. Those who have chosen not to get vaccinated can. I suppose this is another relative advantage of getting vaccinated - not only am I less likely to fall sick and potentially infect someone else, I can travel abroad.
  23. Given that neither will ever be perfect, it will be up to each country to make up its own mind. If they insisted on a PCR, they obviously wouldn't let you in if the test was positive, vaxxed or unvaxxed. I imagine that over time any PCR test requirement will fade away, and for some years, a number of countries will insist on just a vaccination. What will happen in a few years in anyone's guess, buy I doubt for example that I would be able to get into Japan without a COVID vaccination for many years to come as they tend to be ulra-cautious. But it is hardly a massive tourist destination for the average Brit.
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