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  1. No, it is not unethical. It is unethical for them to force you to make a decision prematurely. The legal agreement is not in place until you sign the contract. Your agreement was for a year, so please do not feel pressurised into making a 14 month commitment you do not feel happy with. If you do decide to move out and they claim that you have breached the contract, withhold the last month's rent (always a good idea anyway).
  2. If she is in financial difficulties, you may not get your deposit back. Hold on to your last month's rent whatever you do. I also cannot see why you care so much for your landlandy. She took the risks out of greed and is now paying the consequences. Move out before you find the baliffs at your door ordering you out - the landlady may allow you to carry on paying her rent even if facing repossession.
  3. If it is a choice between rent to the bank at 84p per hour or rent to the landlord at 60p p/h, with the added benefit of not risking negative equity by buying at the top of the pyramid, I know which I would rather choose!
  4. 1) Private 2) £750 3) 2 4) London 5) £170k?
  5. Unless I am much mistaken, I think you are wrong on both counts.
  6. At current prices I cannot see how any property would be cheaper to buy than to rent at current market prices. Not many rents would even cover the interest portion of a mortgage at present. As for their methodology, they must be doing some kind of projection based on historical increases in house prices & mortgage rates v. rents over a 25 year period. Does this also include the fact that a 30 yr-old that does not buy will have to rent for 45 years until death, compared to a buyer who pays off a mortgage for 25?
  7. Now they all want to do exactly that when they retire and move to a villa in Spain. Let's hope we have no more of this so-called "freedom", allowing people to "escape a hard life" and allow them instead to live, work and die in exactly the same country that they were born in, whether they like it or not!
  8. Poor journalism from the Telegraph. Neither Halifax for Nationwide figures show that prices are rising by the amount. Both indices show annual increases of about 5.5% over the past year.
  9. I have been told though this forum that something called REITS is the way in. See Investment Overseas>Japan property thread.
  10. http://www.realestate-tokyo.com/sale/hot/index.aspx Try this. You get about JPY 200 to the £.
  11. But with interest rates at histroric lows, new cars have never been so affordable.
  12. Record low interest rates have priced FTB's out of the market. The solution? Even lower interest rates! What beautifully perverse logic. It could only have come from an estate agent.
  13. The frumpy old cow had to say somrthing that nearly made me cry (with joy): "GAZUNDER" Well, here's another word for you Krusty: P45. edited due to typo.
  14. SP Looks more like an oversplill HPC site than a property investor site now. Someone should put it out of its misery.
  15. Sorry crash cancelled. David Smith of the Sunday Times saw someone buying something in a shop "the other day".
  16. You would consider it fairly normal that employment stats lead or shadow house prices. This is part of the cyclical nature of the economy. We are basically at full employment now - anyone who wants a job can have one, even if it may not be the ideal one. That does not necessarilly mean we are heading into a recession. For much of the post-war period we had virtually full employment without recessions on the scale of the 80s and 90s. If you were arguing for a soft landing, the response would be "so what?"
  17. He has been right consistently about the failings of the euro and much else since I have been reading him. I was really quite suprised that he became part of the "soft landing" club. The housing market and the softness of its landing have become a regular feature of his articles and he is becoming ever more insistent. I wonder what is personal stake is in the market? Bet he has a whopping mortgage.
  18. In 10 years time you will also have paid off a chunk of the principal, so an increase in interest rates will have a smaller impact on your payments then than they would now.
  19. According to Bloomberg, "the average home price dropped 0.8% from the prior month to a non-seasonally adjusted £181,832". The annual growth rate has dropped from 12.6% Mar-Mar to 6.9% Apr-Apr; quite a massive drop. A survey of 13 economists had expected the drop to be to 9.5%. The falls are now happening faster than the City's economists are predicting and showing that Nationwide and Halfax are not giving an accurate picture of the housing market. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!
  20. They always knew you would keep the deposit, so they were unlikely to keep it clean. But where there's muck, there's brass, eh?
  21. If you are looking to build your own and would like to have a traditional Japanese house designed and built by an experienced daiku, rather than an ugly "Misawa Homu" but don't know where to start, I could definitely point you in the right direction.
  22. By and large I support immigration as an economic liberal, but in extreme cases the ebb and flow can change the character of a country rapidly. The Netherlands, listed high on your link, now finds that within the next 20 years or so, muslims will make up the majority of their cities and account for over half of new births. In 5 years 50% of the population under 30 will be muslim. This is a massive demographic and cultural change within a generation and not one that many Dutch a generation ago would have liked to have seen, or like seeing now.
  23. Or you could save time and burn all your money now and be done with it.
  24. Indeed. Look to the selective use of statistics. Halifax have just reported a 0.6% fall in house prices and yet the BBC reports that prices had fallen "just 0.1% over the past five months." They should more accurately be reporting that the falls are accelerating. There is also no made that volumes are now at lows only seen during previous booms/crashes or the BTL phenomenon. Nor is there any attempt to analyse how the market can stay at these levels if FTBs are all but priced out of the market, other than a glib comment from FirstRungNow (which I imagine is just a front for mortgage lenders). This story is not related to any release of figures or any evidence and the "experts" referred to at the beginning all have an interest in the market staying afloat.
  25. And I thought we didn't make anything any more! It's the first bit of bullish news we've had for ages, but has not changed the City's sentiment that there will not be any rises this year.
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