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  1. If you think that discussions around vaccinations have any parallels to Nazi Germany, you are sorely deluded.
  2. Another one for my COVID-19 bingo. But then again, this is the internet and we are all aware of Goodwin's law. But as ever, you struggle to find people who are really pushing for an extreme Nazi style state, beyond raising valid concerns about people spreading a disease that actually lowered the average age of death by a whole year in the UK last year. Ironically, the only people who seem to be calling for a fascist state are the extreme wing of the Trump movement who stormed the White House and who await a military takeover to reinstall Trump. They are massive anti-vaxxers.
  3. Nothing like starting your day with a folksy old wives tale, built around a grain of truth. Let's test this - give yourself regular exposure to rabies and let me know how your natural immunity develops If you can't find a rabid dog, expose your kids to malaria. Best time to get it, right? I know you like weights, but now I understand why they call them dumbbells.
  4. You need to clarify the first statement - it's not worded well.
  5. Well, it's grand that we're in agreement. And so is pretty much everyone else, which is why there will never be compulsory vaccination.
  6. From what I can see, the young are throwing themselves at the needles. My daughter isn't 18 yet, but is keen to get both before university I. October. I asked her is that so she can get into clubs at Oxford, and she said yes. But also that she doesn't want to sick. The latter took me back a bit. It's not like she's likely to get sick, but sensible.
  7. I'm thinking of setting up an anti-vaxx bingo grid. "Yellow badge" will definitely be on it. Other obvious boxes will be "flu" and "vaccinated still get COVID". I still have a few more. "VAERS" is an obvious one, but any suggestions to fill the grid?
  8. The deaths following Christmas rose to nearly 2000 a day.
  9. It does take account of this. It explains why the mortality rate has fallen below 1%
  10. You hadn’t noticed that the mortality rate has fallen below 1%? I know the anti vaxxers aren’t great on statistics, but please do try a bit.
  11. Thanks for the tip - an exciting BBC4 double bill awaits - this at 9 and then a documentary about Carlos Ghosn's spectacular escape from Japan at 10.
  12. It depends on what qualifications you are talking about. When it comes to disease control, he has far greater skills and experience. However, if looking beyond disease control, for example at economic matters, I suspect that I have greater experience than him. If we were just discussing disease control, he would win every time However, he did not state that he was balancing wider factors in his recommendations.
  13. Glad I was here. Been away from the thread for a few days.
  14. Well, I think he is giving his view as a way of disease spreading prevention. I think it is unnecessary given that vaccination is widespread, children do not appear to spread it easily, and that there is a balance to be had between quality of life and reduction, which bits probably something he is not taking into account to the same extent I do, given his focus non disease control. There has to be a balance between saving lives and freedom and the economy. People will take different stances, just as we do on matters of life which require this balance.
  15. I wasn't referring to Twitter - I was referring to a report that appeared in a newspaper, and which presumably came from a news agency. I don't have a problem with you quoting from Twitter feed, I sometimes refer to it as your source for getting all the links you do, but it might as well be Telegram or some other site associated with right-wing conspiracy theories.
  16. Another tragedy - a young nurse dies of COVID-19 after choosing not to get vaccinated. She sadly listened to the anti-vaxx bull and it cost her her life. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/15582350/olivia-guidry-nurse-louisiana-covid/amp/
  17. Those people are COVID sceptics and anti-vaxxers like you. And I'm not going to rummage around some random internet link unless you can confirm whether or not you believe that reducing human interaction does not reduce the spread of diseases currently believed to be spread by human to human interaction.
  18. Let's take some broadly comparable countries that introduced lockdowns, say the UK, Spain, Italy and France and compare what happened to cases and deaths following the decision, say in the following six weeks. I suggest that we will see broadly similar reductions. Can you suggest broadly comparable countries to compare to this data set, which also had lockdowns following initial dramatic rises in infections? I would also be interested to understand your hypothesis of what reduced infections of a transmittable disease if it wasn't reducing human to human interaction. If you are rejecting the notion that these diseases transmit through human interaction, you may revolutionise our understanding of disease.
  19. I would say that the lockdowns show massive correlation with the falls in the two waves following the lockdowns. The falls were entirely consistent with what you would expect. When you have a disease that passes human to human through close contact, do you think that reducing contact would not reduce the spread of the illness?
  20. Don't know - I think if you can demonstrate that you are double vaxxed the risks of infection are dramatically lower. I can appreciate that for the time being that all countries may be a bit circumspect about allowing in unvaccinated people from other countries, but I think it should be ok for the vaccinated to travel.
  21. We managed to lose 130,000 people. Both of the two spikes were only brought under control as a result of lockdowns. The death toll would have been far higher otherwise. Unless you can think of some other reason why the infections and deaths dropped so quickly after the lockdowns.
  22. They never came true because we took extraordinary countermeasures.
  23. You can read all about them below, while I accept that you question is somewhat rhetorical: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/anti-vaxxer https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/health-33774181.amp Obviously it is an umbrella term to some extent, but most properly applies to the nutjobs who won't vaccinate their children at all.
  24. A lot if people have been personally affected by the loss of loved ones over the past year. Mostly elderly relatives, but still valued by those that love them. Just think before you make posts like this. This thread is still full of tossers who dismiss COVID as the 'sniffles' or are still making idiotic comparisons to flu. It's insensitive at best, and it says more than you need to know about the type of people who write posts like to that.
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