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  1. But when restrictions are fully removed they will feel sorrow that their warnings of our descent into totalitarianism have been shown to be utter BS.
  2. I didn't doctor a quote - I added something in square brackets to add context to what you were referring to. The square bracket is understood as an insertion to a quotation to give context and being something that was laterly inserted. "Use square brackets to include words within a quote that are not part of the original quote. For example, if a quoted passage is not entirely clear, words enclosed in square brackets can be added to clarify the meaning" https://app.enago.com/homepage/i/8139/how-to-use-brackets-in-academic-writing-some-common-rules I hope this helps you in the future. You might also need to learn what an ad hominem is, because you clearly don't. They say it's never too old to teach an old dog new tricks - good luck!
  3. My freedom to swing a hammer is limited by the hammer's proximity to your head.
  4. Thanks. It's interesting because reading the post of those who have been vaccinated at least and those who have caught COVID doesn't seem to add to 90%, even if there were no overlap. Perhaps I'm reading the data in your post wrong. But I'm not going to argue with it because I assume it is based on solid statistics.
  5. Not sure how you get to 90% of the population having COVID antibodies.
  6. 🤦 Did you know that at one point 100% of people who were hospitalised were unvaccinated. And if everyone was vaccinated 100% of those hospitalised would be vaccinated. Not sure why I typing this because but has been explained so many times that you must have read the explanations before. Which leads me to conclude that you either have very limited capacity to understand basic statistics or are deliberately posting this to wind people up. Which is it?
  7. I don't know, but what exactly did you cut and paste? Perhaps it was marked for moderation after you quoted it. I now understand what you mean about doctoring quotes - I added some square brackets to the text to provide context to the reader as to the topic that you were referring to - I was not trying to make it look like you had written something you hadn't - perhaps i did it a bit clumsily. But in summary, you think it is fine to compare the treatment of the unvaccinated to those murdered people in Germany, but you didn't say that, and that wasn't your comparison, but you will keep making the comparison because if you don't it will mean eradicating those crimes from the history books. Or some such incoherent gibberish. Your logic is frankly hard to follow
  8. The problem was because I mentioned a group of people whose name begins with "J", I got a message that the post was being withheld/hidden and it was coloured a kind of pinky/mauve. Surprised that you could see - perhaps a moderator released it. Anyway, I fiddled around with it a couple of times, couldn't get its status to change so deleted it. There are rational reasons other than me trying to misquote you. As I said, I quoted anonguest, not you, because he very specifically drew parallels with the worst events of the 1940s.
  9. They can't be bothered to think through how belting up could save other's lives, let alone their own. Remember, when dealing with such people you are not always dealing with the most rational group - "gut feelings" and ill-thought out principles take the place of rational thought.
  10. You didn't, but anonguest did, and that was who I was quoting. And if we are talking about the horrific events of the 1930s/40s in reference to Germany any use of the word "population control" has fairly clear implications.
  11. It wasn't your quote, it was from anonguest. Do keep up.
  12. And there you go making massive slippery slope straw mans.
  13. Yes, anyone who brings up 1930s Germany implicitly does that - that's the very purpose is to show how small action 'a' leads to extreme result 'b'. And to quote anonguest: If comparisons to Germany are just a bit of rhetorical hyperbole, may I suggest you use something else?
  14. And in two sentences you display that you don't understand the slippery slop fallacy. but to make it simple, the fallacy is a fallacy because it cannot distinguish between modest moves that are intended to be the goal, versus a genuine momentum towards some extreme scenario. The slippery slope resist all progress because it equates even modest changes with a slide into extremism, even when that clearly isn't the case. The example you gave of the 1930s - do you really think that the slippery slope of encouraging vaccination will end up in concentration camps and genocide? Of course you don't, so don't made such silly comments. And more importantly, don't defend it - we have all probably made some mistaken reference to Germany in the 30s and 40s, but don't double down.
  15. Superficial similarities to some elements of early Jewish discrimination still try to allude to a suggestion that te unvaccinated will entually be rounded up, imprisoned and sent to death camps. Guess what, during WW2 all British citizens had to carry identification cards, just like the Jews in Nazi Germany!!! If you are going to choose analogies, choose appropriate ones, not crassly insensitive ones.
  16. They can't help themselves making comparisons to 1930s Germany. When the unvaccinated are placed in concentration camps and stripped of their property, give me a shout.
  17. The point being what exactly? Not great, but the numbers are tiny given the huge numbers being vaccinated.
  18. Perhaps if you could clearly explain why it is relevant? We have a code of how human trials are undertaken today because there were extremely unethical trials undertaken in the past. So what? And why do you think it is some "gotcha" question?
  19. No it doesn't. It highlights the absurd exaggerations that people will make. On Property 118, the Welsh landlady who's name I forget (Rosalind Beck) compared the treatment of landlords to the Nazi's treatment of Jews. And now people are discussing the fight against an actual pandemic and the distribution of the medicine to save lives as being akin to putting people in gas chambers. Goodwin's Law mocks those who compare things to the Nazis that are not even comparable. Some things can be compared to it, and we have seen quite enough genocide in my lifetime alone to know that there is plenty to compare it to.
  20. I had good reason to - immediately before people had brought up yellow badges (tick) and 1930s Germany (tick). I was simply noting that the law was again shown to be correct.
  21. I was trying to find actual fascist movements today and the biggest one is also very anti-vaxx, so actually rather relevant to this discussion.
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