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  1. Great news if that's what the science is showing.
  2. I actually only started following this thread because of the US election thread where you were so off the wall it was funny. You aren't quite so entertaining here and you post slightly more credible sources (I know this will surprise some), but I found new useful idiots. Although I have barely posted on house prices or BTL for months. I certainly don't think you are a Russian agent or something like that, but like millions of others, you are their willing patsy. I presume my stock reply is that you have no medical training but believe you have discovered something that medical sci
  3. I'm vaguely interested to find out what the story is, but not enough to click on a link from an online purveyor of race hate.
  4. He displays an example of bizarre equivocation. It also shows that violence is increasingly being approved of by the radical right. While I'm not accusing Night Owl of being Q-aligned (I don't think the is, although possibly sympathetic to some views), violence is becoming a greater and more acceptable solution on the right-wing fringes.
  5. What? I actually only have the one log-in and have been on this site as a member since 2005. Confusion on VIs has also been around for years, although I am not familiar with 77th brigade.
  6. Sorry - not up on the latest developments in pseudo-science.
  7. Because it is pretty sensible advice. And those who do question the effectiveness have generally already made up their mind without seeing the evidence - evidence which they are anyway not equipped to comprehend.
  8. I think that if your symptoms are serious enough that you are asked to go into hospital, their judgement is that your condition is serious enough that there is a potential risk to life, even if you are not placed in ICU.
  9. I know a thin guy on his 40s who got reasonably ill for a long time. Wasn't very nice but didn't need hospital.
  10. I have remained disappointingly non-magnetic despite my jab. I think those videos are a mixture of fake and real, real in the sense that your skin moisture can get light metallic objects to stick to you. Some may still have had some stickiness from any plaster out over the jab. Others would have just been having a laugh and deliberately misleading viewers.
  11. "Vaccinated People told Not to Travel?" Interesting use of a question mark at the end of the headline. The rule of thumb is that any headline that ends with a question mark can be answered "no". This remarkable requirement seems to be strangely absent from the Iberia website. https://www.iberia.com/es/en/covid-19/flight-flexibility/ To save myself the trouble, do you know of any specific airlines that are issuing this guidance.
  12. Obviously I don't watch Bitchute, but do these medics have any particular specialisms is this field or are they just basic general practitioners/ MDs, the likes of who Trump courted for his "American Frontline Doctors"to peddle misinformation?
  13. The article doesn't make enough sense to clearly describe what he is proposing although from trying to interpret what it might mean is that he is trying to maximize UK tax revenues.
  14. And I believe that the controlled tests are now underway. The idea that the drug is being suppressed by the powers that be is frankly ludicrous but it plays well to a certain audience (presumably an audience that accepts that COVID is a real and dangerous disease that requires treatment, so not hardcore conspiracy theorists).
  15. It wasn't me that brought up eugenics - I was responding directly to one of your posts where it was mentioned. And no - I wouldn't expect people of my generation to believe in eugenics (perhaps with the exception of Mikhail on this thread), so am prepared to take their statement at face value, much as I don't assume that any employee of the German state is an actual Nazi due to the previous views of the German government.
  16. You haplessly bring up Q-aligned conspiracy theories again and again. The US election thread had you going after every ridiculous conspiracy theory going, all of which are rejected by normal people (or "normies" in their language), but which you shared like a trained puppy (or Q-cult member). It was there that I realised that you had a limited ability not distinguish between reality and fiction. When I saw you on this thread, I knew the gift would keep on giving.
  17. In a rather long article about eugenics and the 34 mentions of the Galton Institute, which has apparent long-standing links with eugenics, it entirely misses the following statement on its website: "The Galton Institute rejects the eugenic past The Galton Institute rejects outright the theoretical basis and practice of coercive eugenics, which it regards as having no place in modern life. Galton’s idea of ‘eugenics’ was based on concepts and hypotheses that served to create artificial hierarchies and division between peoples of different class, ethnicity and culture. The Galton Insti
  18. I like facts checked. Perhaps the checks may themselves contain errors, and if there are, it is great to clarify them. But you like to dismiss them out of hand, particularly when they run counter to whatever is the outlandish claim of the day In this case, the scientist under discussion is linked to QAnon supporters. He is mentioned in the text. Although there is pretty much a 100% overlap between Q followers and anti-vaxxers, although not all anti-vaxxers are Q followers. But many are becoming Q-aligned, and you would be a good example of that.
  19. Guy seems to have lost it, but it shows how even intelligent people can get wrapped up in conspiracy theories. https://leadstories.com/hoax-alert/2021/04/fact-check-covid-shots-are-not-set-to-contribute-to-the-decimation-of-the-world's-population.html https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/09/02/germany-is-losing-the-fight-against-qanon/
  20. Afraid I must have missed it. So what is it attracting the magnets then, because I was only aware of magnets being attracted to one thing? Good coverage of all this in the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/57207134 And the usual fact checking websites, although I know that conspiracy theorists don't link them much either. https://fullfact.org/online/covid-vaccine-magnet/
  21. No idea because I won't monetise that rave hate site, but I would love an explanation of the amount of ferrous metal required to make a magnet stick to it. I would imagine rather a lot, which is surprising given that those who are vaccinated cannot feel anything. Perhaps if the vaccine was completely made from iron you might, but that would suggest that iron has remarkable properties to resist COVID. Almost a surprise that the quaks aren't prompting iron supplements.
  22. At best a rather confused understanding of evolution.
  23. Ok, so a PCR gives a low false positive rate, but a somewhat higher false negative rate. Probably the preferable way round.
  24. "The current rate of operational false-positive swab tests in the UK is unknown; preliminary estimates show it could be somewhere between 0·8% and 4·0%." https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanres/article/PIIS2213-2600(20)30453-7/fulltext "The claims on social media have left out that Mullis was specifically discussing HIV and the experience of people with HIV who also contract other viruses. Moreover, Mullis’ views on HIV and AIDS have been widely discredited." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thejournal.ie/kary-mullis-pcr-testing-factcheck-debunk-hse-5271830-Nov2020/%3fam
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