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  1. Thanks, everyone! All is clear now
  2. Thanks for your comments. I found a copy of my Tenancy Agreement. It says Term: ... commencing on 02 April 2008 Notice required possession (Section 21(4)(a) delivered by landlord on 2nd January 2010 says (iii) Date of Expiry after 01/03/2010 Landlord told that I must vacate the house by 1st March. Does it mean that the Notice is illegal/invalid? Because the notice must expire on the last day of a period of tenancy, i.e. at least on 2nd of March? What shall I do ? Let the landlord know that his Notice is invalide, so he must issue me another one? Or wait till 1st March, refuse to move out, and let him go in Court assuming that judge will see that the Notice is incorrect?
  3. Hello everyone! I am a bit puzzled: Landlord delivered to me (personally and in presence of an eyewitness) Section 21 on 2nd January 2010 The section is dated by 15th December 2009 (!) He asks me to vacate the property by 01/03/2010. I always thought it should be at least two clear months between delivery of Sect 21 and notice expiration? There seems to be less than 2 months between 2nd Jan and 1st Mar? Does it mean that Sect 21 is invalid? Any comments, please? Thanks!
  4. Guys and Gals, thank you for your help, landlord reduced to one month rent in advance. Perfect forum!
  5. Thanks, pioneer31, no time to bargain, need to move in one week, and they have already obtained all references etc. They did not tell in advance (intentionally?) and kept me in the darkness till the last moment.
  6. Hello everyone, am not expert in renting, so was surprised when LAs asked me to pay 4 month rent in advance? Is that normal? Is that legal? My references and credit record are perfect, so this could not be the reason certainly. So, why LAs asking for so much rent in advance then? Thanks for your forthcoming comments! P.S. I know that you may advise to choose another LAs but I have no time to look for another house, must move urgently.
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