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  1. Stuff that - even more income tax contributions? I don't think so........ Stick the doleys out on the streets scouring for dropped coins and recylable rubbish to get tesco clubcard points with sorted.
  2. Back to the start as I am crap at following Threads. In a way the 'journo' is right I blame our obsession with Celebrity in the western world and the shamefaced marketing of it as a lifestyle to aspire to. If the Chavs didn't worship Coleen and Cheryl they wouldn't have haemorrhaged debt buying the latest Handbag/chelsea tractor/designer shite However - lets' look at the other side of the couterfeit pound coin........ If the toffs didn't want to be uber rich like Donald Trump and take unregulated risks with billions because it was uber-sexy to be vulgar, the old fashioned staid-but-solid banking values would still operate and the balance sheets would be healthy
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the retail stores have all planned a 'Surpise Celebration' pre christmas sale week for the end November of beginning December for one week to boost the retail sales figures for December. Cos come January 2009 its' going to be bleak from bleaksville........
  4. I blame it all on the Large Hadron Collider, the buggers switched it on last week and look what happened swiss trolls !
  5. wondering how bottomless the US treasury is right now....... where is it all going to end?
  6. nope......not sure what T&A is except for the Baywatch kind
  7. stumbled across this whilst googling........ The formation of a fictitious capital is called capitalisation." It represents a claim on property rights. Such claims can take many forms, for example, a claim on future government tax revenue or a claim issued against a commodity that remains, as yet, unsold. The stocks, shares and bonds issued by companies and traded on stock markets are also fictitious capital. A company may raise (non-fictitious) capital by issuing stocks, shares and bonds. This capital may then used to generate surplus value. But once this capital is set in motion, the claims held by the owners of the share certificate, etc, are simply "marketable claims to a share in future surplus value production". The stock market "is a market for fictitious capital. It is a market for the circulation of property rights as such". Because the value of these claims does not function as capital, merely a claim on future surplus, "the capital-value of such paper is...wholly illusory... The paper serves as title of ownership which represents this capital. The stocks of railways, mines, navigation companies, and the like, represent actual capital, namely, the capital invested and functioning in such enterprises, or the amount of money advanced by the stockholders for the purpose of being used as capital in such enterprises... But this capital does not exist twice, once as the capital-value of titles of ownership (stocks) on the one hand and on the other hand as the actual capital invested, or to be invested, in those enterprises." The capital "exists only in the latter form", while the stock or share "is merely a title of ownership to a corresponding portion of the surplus-value to be realised by it". The formation of fictitious capital is, for Marx, linked to the wider contradiction between the financial system in capitalism and its monetary basis. Marx writes: "With the development of interest-bearing capital and the credit system, all capital seems to double itself, and sometimes treble itself, by the various modes in which the same capital, or perhaps even the same claim on a debt, appears in different forms in different hands. The greater portion of this 'money-capital' is purely fictitious. All the deposits, with the exception of the reserve fund, are merely claims on the banker, which, however, never exist as deposits." The expansion of the credit system can, in periods of capitalist expansion, be beneficial for the system. But in periods of economic crisis and uncertainty, capitalists tend, Marx argues, to look to the security of the "money-commodity" (gold) as the ultimate measure of value. Marx tends to assume the convertibility of paper money into gold. However, the modern system of inconvertible paper money, backed by the authority of states, poses greater problems. Here, in periods of crisis, "the capitalist class appears to have a choice between devaluing money or commodities, between inflation or depression. In the event that monetary policy is dedicated to avoiding both, it will merely end up incurring both".
  8. god bless her heart - she had offers up to 300K, but shook the mans' hand on the asking price of 275k and exchanged within 5 days. I have never seen the like.........
  9. I have e-mailed all of my local estate agents telling them to ask their vendors employ this tactic - Genius
  10. I have been looking at 3 bed semis in my area - all around the 350-370K mark. Last week a lovely lady put her house up for 275K on the premise of 'i just want to sell it' (EA's words) The EA, said he'd never seen a scramble like it and a bidding war ensued (oh the good old days!) It went up on the internet on Friday, and sold on Saturday jusslikethat.It goes to show there are plenty of buyers if the vendors see sense and drop their prices to those that. 1.We can all afford 2.Make the comeptition look like the greedy fools they are. Lets' hope this starts a trend
  11. mmmmm if you'd ever heard anyone over 50 from Spain, Australia or Austria yak on about the 'scourge of immigration' you'd understand that 'Bigot Rant' would be an olympic sport that the UK ain't getting medals in ...........
  12. same the world over my dear - narrow minded bigots that is........
  13. This thread is the biggest load of narrow minded boll@*cks I have read in a long time. What started off as a humourous aside about how wonderful the Polish were and how they shouldn't leave , very quickly descended into a bug-eyed racist rant from some. Its' good to see what lies in the rotting woodwork of British Society - small minded individuals who probably have never left the UK for a long period of time to live in another country. If they had, they would have experienced the life of being an outsider and an immigrant in another country - trying to get through red tape to get a packet of painkillers from a doctor, being stared at for dressing like a British person and generally treated like scum of the earth for not speaking the language fluently. When you've been on the other side of the fence, then you would view the immigrants of this country with some sympathy. The white Chav dole scum of this country fraudulently living off income support , incapacity and sickness benefits are the group of people that deserve the most scrutiny for the crime levels in the UK. God only knows how much the Government is paying out to the Frank Gallaghers of the UK, and what percentage of the UK crime figures this godforsaken bunch of no-hopers contribute too.
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