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  1. Hi, I'm giving up waiting to buy a house, so need to sell my bullion. I have 12 x 1 oz krugerands assorted years and 59 x 1 oz silver coins (the vast majority are 2008 Maples, but - from memory - 10 are misc. .9999 silver US commemorative medallions, and 10 are Austrian something or others. Everything except the US medallions was purchased from coininvestdirect in 2008. I was going to ebay the silver one coin at a time but I'm not sure I can be bothered with the hassle and ebay's 10% cut. I was also thinking of taking the gold to Bairds. Any better suggestions (or offers if you prefer) would be gratefully received. I can, of course, provide more details if anyone were to want them. Many thanks, Isaac.
  2. I sympathise with you. Summer 07 my landlord decided to sell the place I'd lived for 4 years. I'd just fitted a stairlift for my ill wife and was spending so much time caring for her while holding down a fulltime job that the thought of moving was totally overwhelming. It turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. Moved somewhere nicer (bungalow) with a very quiet garden for my wife to sit in. She got better and we're living happily ever after. Embracing change is always easier than resisting it. Have you already been given notice or is LL waiting for an offer first? A wise LL would do the latter in the present climate, but that gives you the opportunity to dissuade anyone viewing the house from wanting to live there (dont put the compost out etc before they come around).
  3. That doesn't mean that the non-vocal majority cant sort the wheat from the chaff. I for one value your posts immensely EDM.
  4. As a Newbie I'm reluctant to comment on this, but is it not the leveraged tangibles that would be more relevant to the overall inflation/deflation picture at this time? Is that not where more money is spent? Also, is there any significance to the multiplier going below 1 for the first time? I'm not too sure what the graph is showing, but is it that for the first time, each dollar printed has the effect of less than a dollar on the real economy?
  5. There was a time when I'd have said Citi is too big to go under .... More usefully, to answer your second question: yes, online transfers are very simple. You log on and get all your accounts on a single page and you can just transfer between them. It shows you your exchange rate, you click confirm, and the money moves instantly from one account to another.
  6. Perhaps after Particle Man's post thie weekend you're less keen, but I've got some accounts with citibank uk. You need a sterling account (e.g. flexible saver) and then seperate accunts in your currency of choice (usd account pays 2% interest, jpy doesn't). Most accounts are fee-free. You can then just transfer between your accounts, commission free and at the "citibank exchange rate" which doesn't seem too bad. You also get a cash card in case you go on holiday. Obvously, if citibank dies you loose everything.
  7. +3. I'm too shy to ever post - but being an avid reader of PM et al over the past year has been key in my recent rehab from a brain problem. One question though - PM said: ....."you also want it to pay some sort of coupon. And hopefully, either the coupon or the price should net-off Fx moves as they happen (and this is why holding cash as cash is dumb - it has no coupon so what you got is what you bought the day you bought it)." This may be a stupid question, but I cant get my head around how a conventional gilt reacts to Fx moves. Surely both the nominal and the coupon are priced in stirling. What am I missing? Thanks all.
  8. Am I correct in saying that every time prices have diverged from their long-term mean before, everyone has said "it's different this time" - and each time they've been wrong? Also that the downswing below the long-term mean has usually been proportional to the upswing? Long-term mean of 3.5x salary puts us at ca 80k for an average price, so the upswing above that was about 100k. I'm not sure what a "proportional downswing" would be, but based on this (twisted) argument, prices will surely end up negative. I might by a street.
  9. Hello everyone, I rent and have done for the past 16 years. I was in the position to buy back in 2003, but even then, my gut instinct was that prices were too high. I was even less clued up then than I am now, and just thought that 150K for a shoebox was too much to pay. Instead, I rented a flat which even then was cheaper than the interest on the mortgage repayments on the same flat would have been. Since 2003 I've got married, and peer pressure has been to buy for years now, but I've never been able to see how getting a debt that big could be a good idea. I've visited this site off and on for several years, but never had the time to spend long enough to join in. I'm now off work sick and reading all the posts has cheared me up no end. I thought I ought to join, even though I've not got much to say. In hindsight I should probably have bought a long time ago, but still I'm able to live somewhere nicer than I could afford to buy, and nicer than I would have been able to buy in 2003. I've also been able to rack up some sizeable savings. I just hope that the BoE doesn't shaft me (again) and turn my savings into nothing.
  10. Persimon etc plan(ned) Portishead marina development to add about a 1/3rd to the total size of Portishead (without any new real infrastructure). All the people I know who bought there over the last few years boasted about getting a "deal" from the developers for the most outlandish of reasons. According to lastest asking prices, the penny has yet to drop round Portishead/Clevedon.
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