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  1. Let me tell you how this one will pan out: Network Rail will soon be re-privatised due to their 'failings' (and/or anything else the Government decides to accuse them of), upon which all the projects will get the green light again, the Government's buddies can get their snouts back into the trough, costs will escalate massively but nobody will be held to account and at the end of it all the job still won't be finished and any work that does get done will be half-arsed and incompatible with what exists. You heard it here first.........
  2. Sillybilly, I don't often post but lurk and your post is one I could have written myself, to the very letter. The government and those controlling/infleuncing them are masters at whipping up a frenzy against these supposed scroungers when a little look at how the welfare bill is actually divided shows a rather different picture. Housing Benefit going directly to private landlords, Tax Credits subsidising businesses who pay crap, below a living wage salaries and pensions to name but three. My boomer step-mother and I were once again coming to blows over this at the weekend - I picked up the
  3. Can't believe it but for the first time in my life I've sent my postal paper back and voted Labour. I Consider myself a natural Tory and the seat is either their's or Labour; I was happy to see the last government go but would be happier still to see these lot get the boot. I 'own' a house, albeit mostly paid for thanks to these low rates but that's no great help for my 22y.o. nor to all those shafted by the never ending stream of prop -ups so all I want to see is a big wobble and the whole lot going bang. Hopefully Labour and the SNP will manage that
  4. Just back from a hard day of graft and chilling with a cup of tea and a read of the thread on Mumsnet; pissing myself laughing at roneik's comments, just legandary
  5. In what I now call my 'previous life', I worked in the motor trade selling cars up until around 11 years ago. Back then these PCP/Personal Lease-type deals (Ford Options etc) were starting to be pushed quite hard. Being a cynical type I could see right through them; a decent deposit to get a monthly payment which looked good then an amount still owed at the end which made it almost certain you would have no equity and would need to find another hefty deposit to get another car. I was certain thet these schemes would never take off - how wrong I was, people were far more stupid than me and i
  6. Why the hell should everyone else pay extra tax so benefits/top-ups etc can give someone just about enough to survive on because businesses around the country pay less than a living wage? They are being subsidised; like I said, if you can't pay someone properly then you're out of business. I know it's a complex issue but it's just not right when all these people go around spouting off about 'lazy, work-shy people' when their whole business model is based on leeching off others.
  7. Don't want to troll, I don't post here much but read plenty. I found a link to the story, not surprisingly in the Daily Mail. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2469954/Boss-offered-job-vacancies-brands-unemployed-lazy-applies-roles.html Danny James looks like a right chancer, shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but I'm afraid that's a face I'd just want to punch Anyway, who the hell would chance ending up with a load of hassle trying to sort their benefits out for a 'trial shift' from which they weren't offered a job? More a case of someone needing a load of work done cheaply the
  8. Absolutely my position and thought process. Yes I'm fortunate to have a decent job with a good salary and stable future BUT I'll be damned if I'm going to be taxed off the face of the earth for daring to have the aspiration to do even more. For sure I'm earning quite a bit less having decided to duck the Child Benefit trap but I've made a few adjustments, don't spend on some of the more frivolous things I did (so no VAT for you either Gidiot, you *****) and frankly am feeling better for it. The mortgage will take a year or two more to see off but I'm now very much of the opinion that if it
  9. Depressing though it is there are certainly plenty of relatively new instructions going SSTC around Bedford. The dross that's been there for months or years pretty much still is but there's usually a reason if you look closer. For what it's worth and to save checking my (very) old posts we bought a 3-bed end-terraced in late 2005; it was a risk and could have gone either way but I based the risk mainly on good salary and near-certain job security. The lowering of interest rates obviously played into our hands and we've worked hard to pay off a big chunk of our mortgage so you might think
  10. Think I can clear this one up as I live within the area in which that EA trades; I've thrown away last week's property supplement but 99% sure that's a picture of the guy who does their photography. Each week in the paper they have a 'where's Olly?' or whatever his name is and they hide his pic somewhere within the supplement. Never been arsed to look for him but pretty sure that's his pic.
  11. Government and the authorities in general are going to get a sharp wake up call sooner or later. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the system, if you corner a desparate animal and leave them with no hope they WILL fight back. It'll make the last lot of riots look like a fall-out at nursery school and some of the arrogant t*ats in charge will reap what they have sown.
  12. Surprise, surprise, well at least they don't export ALL their crap. As someone who has witnessed the workmanship of the Chinese construction business as it sweeps through Africa raping and pillaging the continent that is no great shocker....
  13. Well, I'm going to light some touchpaper on this one........... How exactly do you value a house? Who does it? What might be their vested interests either way? What if someone has an interest-only mortgage, as we're always reminding people here that's effectively the same as renting? Other mortgages, should the debt of the mortgage be subtracted from the 'value' so that a nett wealth can be established and taxed? What about someone who can afford to rent a bigger house than someone else; should they be taxed more? Sorry but I think it's all waffle, the usual guff from those who want to
  14. Sorry about above, trying to reply to Venger's quote. There is a thing called Quick Succession Relief which if I recall works on a declining sliding scale over 5 years. Solicitors seem quite patchy on their knowledge of it and HMRC won't go out of their way to tell you. It basically applies where the person inheriting an estate dies themselves within 5 years, the subsequent (if any) Inheritance Tax liability is reduced on a sliding scale based on the years since the first liabiity. Obviously in this particular case it cannot be applied but it's worth getting knowledge of it's existence in
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