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  1. Talby thanks for that link. No I don't have stats to hand but I have travelled widely in the Far East and India (as a follower of Osho). These countries especially inthe big cities have large numbers of Phillipine and thai domestic workers. I can't speak for China, but as far as I am aware it is not necessary to be a gook in order to have passport from Korea and Japan.
  2. This is one of the most pathetic arguements against immigration that usually comes out of the BNP, BPP, EFP, NF, NS9 and the League of St George. Who will eventually pay this fair wage? Its us, the consumer. As for the internal market ensuring jobs will be filled, I have never heard such nonsense before. They will be filled at a high price because they workers will have a monopoly position, they can then demand whatever wage from the employers due to the lack of competition and this will then be passed on the consumer. Solvie, when you need building work done on your abode or work done on
  3. If I received a rouble for every time I heard some racialist numpty mention the lack of immigration in the far east I would be as rich as Bill Gates now. Solvi let me give you some reality. The far EAST, as in China, Korea, Malaysia, Japan were or are emerging, developing economies. Therefore they had a lot of cheap local labour in the first place. This explains why multinationals moved there and then moved out. Japan actually has alot of foreign migrant workers. They are mostly Phillipina domestic workers. Also they have Korean and Chinese immigrants. I know that Gooks look the same a
  4. Hello Rachel, just to make it clear, white nordic or germanic people can never be classed as immigrants. People like you who have aryan blood are more than welcome to this country as it would improve the gene pool here.
  5. Justice, I am really sorry to hear that you were forced out of your hometown. So of my friends have parents and grandparents who were forced out of their homes in Central Europe 60/70 years ago for following a certain religion. They were forced out by armed thugs, organised by the state. Did heavily armed men force you out of your home town and did you complain to the police about it? Can you elaborate on how you were forced out? [inappropriate content removed by moderator]
  6. Solvi, if whites prefer to live with their own kind how come there is so much race mixing going on? Such that even BNP people are worried by it since it dilutes the master race gene pool.
  7. Being accused of being a nasty piece of work by you is like being accused of being corrupt by Lord Archer.
  8. I do admit that some aryans do move areas to avoid non-aryans. You seem to believe that these people are representative of master race Britons as a whole. However, why is it then that BNP'ers frig themselves into a lather on race mixing and describe British aryans who marry or date non-aryans as race traitors who are destroying the master race gene pool? How does this square with the number of mixed race couples and children that we see today?
  9. Time to add my two Euros worth, this "white flight" phenomenon ie migration from the inner cities to the suburbs or countryside started happening long before we had non-Aryan migration to this country. It is called social mobility. That is, when the working class improve themselves they move to middle class areas. Nowadays, we tend to associate working class areas with black areas or brown areas. I know of bNP supporter who moved out of a working class area for racial reasons only to move to a middle class areas that had more Packees and silverbacks. If you say that the whites are racial
  10. I don't remember ever being asked whether I wanted all these tall blonde Russians coming here and imposing their culture on us.
  11. Now, now, more immigrants to come here, taking our jobs, and putting their towels on our park benches.
  12. Went to a gang bang for the first time, this weekend, I was expecting a ratio of two guys for each girl. But it turned out to be a ratio of 1:1 Looks like the downturn could be hitting the gang bang setting as well. Mind you, I do not support the BNP and I am not racist, but I found it rather uncomfortable that one to the participants was a black chap. Didn't mention house prices to anyone though.
  13. http://www.puntingzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=52044.0 "Unfortunately estate agents are like solicitors, they only have you for one transaction so try to screw you for every penny, as they do not need to accumulate goodwill." Sums it up really.
  14. Hear, hear firebug. We hear alot about the minorities not 'integrating'. The reason for this is simply white racism. Aside from the gang bang anecdote. I remember reading something from a swinger's forum where the poster went to swinger's party with his missus only to find that one of the female regulars had brought her black boyfriend along to 'meet' everyone. This chap and his missuses made his excuses and left. On his posting he said he would not go back to that swingers group again as he feared that they would be contaminated by HIV from a black guy. Obviously whites can't trans
  15. Solvent, as far as I know, a gang bang party involves men who do not know each other turning up to a venue to have group sex with prostitutes, not with each other. It is no different to going on a guided walk or tour with people that you do not know. It seems that in this instance, the black guy was refused entry because of his race. Now there was a time in this country when it was commonplace to refuse entry to blacks at pubs, golf clubs, hotels etc. As we have seen this still occurs. Now how would like it if you were asked to leave a restaurant or refused you entry to a restaurant becau
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