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  1. Why would anyone ever pay into a pension if it wasn't index linked for the time between leaving a job and retirement, regardless of how long that time was?
  2. Just noticed that the Q3 report is out as well. London house price growth reaches double digits.
  3. Did you input the current rent and value, or the rent and value when you started renting your home? My results come out significantly different, but I still believe I'm better off renting.
  4. They've actually revised last months up from an index point of 329.5 to 329.9 meaning last month was technically a rise flat. Edit: simple maths fail.
  5. Close... "move in", pose for pictures, sell house for £100k and make a bit more cash selling the "shocking news about the real value of houses" to another rag.
  6. Easiest challenge ever. Almost. Either a) Use Google Streetview, a few clicks west is a sign saying "Fort Bovisand". Note that the lounge has views of Bovisand. Use Google Maps, enter "Fort Bovisand", get a link to "Discovery Divers" and their postcode PL9 0AB. Notice that the terrace that this property is in is labelled Bovisand Court. Use whatever method you like to convert that into a postcode. I'll guess at Number 1, PL9 0AD. You can look up ADSL yourself.
  7. Haven't seen this elsewhere, apologies if I've missed it. For those lucky enough to have ILSC from NS&I, there are some changes to all certificates which are rolled over on maturity from 20th September. Penalty for cashing in early will be 90 days' interest and loss of index-linking for that year. Minimum balance will be £100, no idea what it was before. Single rate of interest. Instead of having the baffling return of "index-linking + (a gradually increasing percentage each year which gives an average rate of X%)" it will just be "index-linking + 0.25%" each year. Don't be fooled by t
  8. The figures to 17 Dec: http://www.johnlewispartnership.co.uk/financials/weekly-figures/john-lewis.html Online sales look like the biggest aspect of the growth.
  9. Given that the last issue has been withdrawn due to over subscription, there isn't really a "current" issue, so being able to rollover at all is a bonus! IIRC they have always rolled onto the new "current" rate though.
  10. Are 37 year old FTBs buying traditional FTB properties though, or are they skipping straight to that second home? BTL seems to have been buying the traditional starter homes.
  11. Not sure if the mods have read this thread yet, but I think it unlikely Fubra would want to be associated with what amounts to fly-posting or potentially criminal damage.
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