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  1. +1 But having just retuned freeview I see Russia TV (ch85) has now been removed. Wonder why? NB... agree the 10 o clock show is mostly shyte. ...... only watched it because I pushed the wrong button and found Keiser was on.
  2. Why not vote for issues rather then people? Should bank be allowed to print money?...... that sort of thing??
  3. BBC East interviewed a single mother about 15 years back...... when the tories were in............. she had just moved in to a new HA place. She said, looking at the child.......... "I only 'ad 'im so's I'd get an 'ouse." of course ..when you think about it..........it was the logical thing to do. She'd been daft not to. ??
  4. What is most annoying regarding injin, is he is only prepared to lead a horse to water.................
  5. For amusement. Did you see the prog the other day ...decline of the west.......nialle ferguson?? He spoke of the settlers arriving in America. There was loads of 'land' just sitting there doing what land does. The settlers took 'possession' of the land. Who 'owned' that 'land' before they arrived? ??
  6. Good point. But it does demonstrate to the stupid that this is a 'caring' government. How many would fall for this.....60%? 70%?
  7. Are you quite sure about that? I mean, is QE 'tax payers money'?
  8. Did they make mention of reducing expenditure?? like rents for instance? I don't suppose there's a mechanism for reducing rents, is there?
  9. Better not to pay at all? Wouldn't be great if there really was such a thing as society, where all your neighbours would come to your aid to prevent others from taking your stuff were you to take such action (or inaction)?
  10. Hmmm ..... I'm going to nominate this for post of the day. 10 / 10 for perception.
  11. OK I get that. But what if I were one of the other 99% who doesn't get it? I mean of that 99%, there must be 40% who are keen to understand. ...... and I cant see there being change until they are educated??
  12. Could (would) you go into more detail? Surely NMW is all part & parcel of the whole money creation fraud thing??
  13. No... the lesser evil would be to remove minimum wage, maternity / paternity leave etc.....so investors have interests in entities that make stuff.........and houses don't make stuff. ??
  14. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages-and-homes/article.html?in_article_id=525716&in_page_id=8 Especially liked this bit.......... ......But it's a good option if your parents don't have a spare £20,000 to lend.' ................So.....If your parents haven't got £20k, don't worry, we'll take £20k from someone else who is saving for a house. ??
  15. Hmm. http://911research.wtc7.net/wtc/analysis/design.html
  16. Just announced cooling system failure at nuclear power station.
  17. Find out what your IFA wouldn't suggest, and pick that. I'm glad I did. ....for now.
  18. Yes or as Reagan pointed out years ago, empire builders require bigger budgets so they can justify more salary for themselves. but then Reagan was mad, hey?
  19. Great wasn't it. You can always tell when speaker is truthful........ they are always proceeded by silence. and, by contrast, you can (usually) tell when the speaker is talking bo11ox......they are always proceeded by clapping. Comment of the evening was that of Starkey ........ said he was gay yet was against 'thought police' ..... top bloke. very complicated issue tho.
  20. .....but what some can't (or won't) work out the difference?
  21. because not all transactions are commercial? ......and this thread is about transactions? ??
  22. It's been so for hundreds of years ......... used to be called reputation. ??
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