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  1. nixy

    Time To Reflect?

    So it's OK for the land lady to charge rent?
  2. Yes. If they think they can find someone with access to QE money (direct or indirect), it's just unlucky for those who don't. PS dunno if 'unlucky' is the right word tho.
  3. nixy

    Time To Reflect?

    No. You're wrong. The simple answer is dishonesty is the fundamental cause........ greed violence is an effect.
  4. nixy

    Time To Reflect?

    No. You're wrong. The simple answer is dishonesty is the fundamental cause........ greed is an effect. When they start chucking out freshly printed twenty pounds notes from helicopters........THEN..... there is greed to grab as many as possible. more than the next man.
  5. What about paying directly for stuff you want? You seek out those with good reputation and buy stuff off them. Why on earth would you want to entrust this to anyone else? Who knows better than you want you want? edit..... oh yes, as Injin says.... stealing is actually wrong
  6. Yes but TPTB have long argued that the system that's landed us in the sh1t was the pragmatic solution. The fundamental cause was the fractional reserve banking system which they argued was pragmatic rather then dishonest. ??
  7. Perhaps they colluded before the crash ....... hence little need for meetings after? unthinkable??..... what reasons would they have to do such a thing?
  8. But the cost of this 'success' falls on tomorrows tax payers? Is that 'nice'?
  9. oops....see there's already a thread http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=164068
  10. Thought some might be interested. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b011k45f/All_Watched_Over_by_Machines_of_Loving_Grace_Love_and_Power/
  11. Yes you're right. That'd mean an acre would (could) support 4 people?
  12. Farmer on farming prog the other morning saying yields could be down by half this year due to lack of rain....... That was from 8 tonne / acre down to 4 tonne / acre...... 4000 Kg / 365 days = 10 Kg per person per day. 1 person could survive comfortably on a tenth of that ie the equivalent of a 1 Kg loaf per person per day. ?? In other words 10 people per acre ... ..... not 1. ??
  13. http://m.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2011/0516/breaking14.html?via=mostread
  14. But it's more profound than that..... you can choose NOT to have a supply of electricity and gas. You have that freedom.
  15. Yes..... but they CAN be educated. But TPTB (the scum) chose not to. Wonder why?
  16. But surely over the last 70 years (+) we had fraudulo-capitalism ........ which is, most certainly, not capitalism. We should perhaps give capitalism a chance? In other words, capitalism can't possibly exist without honest money. ??
  17. Yes, but humans have and always will 'steal' from each other, because it is a basic survival instinct. This is true of children. It is possible to teach them there are benefits to not stealing...... something like.... learning to make bread is of more benefit (to the would be thief) than stealing bread. ??
  18. Yes but it's still a truth, which might be good teach kids......if truth matters.??
  19. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/10-oclock-live/4od#3178347 Got to watch ads tho
  20. Have retuned, but still no Russia TV ( CH 85) on Freeview......... anyone else not have it?
  21. One guy in the film said...... "it doesn't matter whether you want debt or not....... if you don't take debt, the banks will take it on your behalf" could it be why the incitement laws were brought about ....... to protect bankers from incitement to hatred ??
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