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  1. It should apply to every good, service and benefit, they buy or pay for. and yes there should be a sliding scale of wage cuts...... 5% of £150000 is virtually feck all.
  2. What does it matter if this has little to do with subject of the thread??..... Why would it bother anyone? Mind you, a thread entitled Who is happier - an old king or a modern beggar? would be interesting...... I'd do one of those voting thread things if I was a bit brighter.
  3. Oh but apparently there is no car theft, rather taking it without the owners permission. Seems we even have to define what theft is exactly. ??
  4. What's that you say? Stealing is wrong? Don't you think that's a rather controversial statement....... care to expand on this?
  5. Few doubt the importance of the work done by some PS workers. Trouble is, in broad terms you're (collectively just too expensive.....sorry. ......and asking (compelling) those you teach to pay for your 'borrowings' when (and if) they get work is not a particularly nice thing to do. ??
  6. It seems one of the greatest skills taught these days is to cut and paste. I happened to catch sight of such 'homework' by a grandchild the other day. The word 'permafrost' was mentioned several times...........I asked what permafrost was. She had no idea. Mind you, it did look very professional in the nice little plastic folder an' everything.
  7. Are children taught / informed they will have to pay back (return + interest) the non existent magic money? I guess it's just convenient they might be too young to understand. ??
  8. Oh absolutely. But I would wager we're not getting those economies of scale at all. They used to run time & motion studies to ward off empire building ...... perhaps now's a time for a return??
  9. Yes but surely one definition of an idiot is one who believes that paying at age 20 for for a service required 50 years hence. In other words the government is going to take your money today and be trusted that the money is still there when you need it. In other other words...... ponzi scheme. ??
  10. Oh no. As has been said many times, the dummies haven't been born yet. Mind you, I've said before, If we're lucky, the children will have to pick up the tab ........ if we're unlucky, we will. Nice hey?
  11. Of course it's complicated. You HAVE to make it as complicated as possible if you want to fleece the sheeple, as it were.
  12. Exactly. Out of a council tax bill of, say £200 a month (pus the extra £400 pm from central gov?) how much is spent of services you really need? ...... a wild guess....... £40??
  13. Well by the same token the public sector could accept a 10% (?) wage cut or a 10% cut in the number of staff. Also, don't forget you can chose to decline services from the private sector if they are too expensive ........ try not paying your council tax if it is too expensive. Does that seem right?
  14. I guess it doesn't matter if they decide not to pay it back ...... manana an' all that. 'cos you don't have give anything back that didn't exist in the first place, hey?
  15. Oh look...... it's our old friend moral hazard. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moral_hazard Mind you, is the stuff they fraudulently create from thin air actually 'someone else's money' ??
  16. Yes. People will simply be more careful, or less careless, they could even start to check on reputation again. There might even be a demand for something like Reputation.com were customers could rate work they've had done. ??
  17. Waht about... "What makes for better television, clear facts for which there's no room for discussion.............or the usual endless waffle that's led us the our present predicament?"
  18. The difference being the BBC gets the entire revenue for TV media. It'd be like the Guardian getting the fee for every other paper bought.
  19. Just to check my freedom, I'll try withholding my council tax. If I am free, surely there will be no problem with that. ??
  20. nixy

    Time To Reflect?

    I'd like to put a question. What value should we put on reputation? What if I go around nicking other peoples stuff? I gain stuff but lose reputation.......especially in the facebook age. ??
  21. nixy

    Time To Reflect?

    Oh yes, of course. Great thread btw.
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